A ton of new Darksiders 2 videos

Hiddenmission writes: So I was only looking to put out the latest Darksiders 2 trailer when I stumbled upon a handful of new footage.

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AO1JMM1932d ago

Dayam!!! That looks awesome. Cannot wait to play this game. Getting the PC version on Steam.

-Mezzo-1932d ago

Agreed, it looks ridiculously awesome.

ApolloTheBoss1932d ago

PC version is smooth as hell!!

pr0digyZA1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Yup reviewers were even taken to a room with a whole bunch of PC's to look at the game. Shows they have confidence in PC version if its the one they are wanting people to play.

Dante1121932d ago

Looks amazing, can't wait.

Daver1932d ago

The only thing I didnt like about the 1st Darksiders is that War had a gun... and it looks like Death has one too. That sucks. Why would the horseman of the apocalypse need guns?

lastdual1932d ago

Why would they need physical weapons at all?

Similar to Dante in DMC, I'd say the guns are there to mix up the combat. They're less powerful than direct melee attacks, but can target enemies with specific weak points, serve to interrupt an opponent's moves, or just keep a combo going.

Daver1931d ago

physical weapons are in the bible...

I know its to mix up combat but they could have found another way than guns.

ChickeyCantor1931d ago

It was a gift. It's not like he pulled it from his own armory.

Captain Qwark 91930d ago

i love the guns personally, makes the combat so much more stylish and can be a life saver when preserving health

jobboy1932d ago

come on thq where is some ps3 footage? fix that shitty framerate from the 1st episode and i am sold!!!

TheSuperior 1930d ago

This game just looks to be so amazing! I can not wait to play it plus i just love the way its colored... darkness with pops of bright color! Beautiful