Editorial: Face It, Hardcore Gamers, You Don't Matter

We have reached a point in this industry where the casual crowd dominates. It always dominates in the realm of big business, so get used to it.

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smashcrashbash2326d ago

No problem. At that point I will no longer be a gamer. No skin off my nose there. If the future is shovelware, repetitive game play, dumbed down games, mini games and pointless hand waving and jumping around while everyone tells you you are not a gamer because you don't accept the gimmicky,low scoring rubbish and that you are doing it wrong then you can keep it. It will be the last straw for me. That means no more Dark Souls or Arkum Asylum or Halo or Last of Us or God of War or Ninja Gaiden or anything like that.The corruption will be complete.

Outside_ofthe_Box2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Hardcore gamers still matter lol. Just because there are more casual gamers than hardcore gamers doesn't mean the hardcore all of a sudden doesn't matter. Hardcore gamers are still large enough in number where games that don't appeal to casuals will still sell a millions of units.

The industry will completely falter without the hardcore simply because casuals do not buy a lot of games. Hardcore gamers are the ones that buy 3-5 titles any given year. Casuals only buy 1 or 2 game per year, hell it's probably 1 or 2 games every other year. Publishers know that they can't rely on casuals to sell games because they don't buy a lot of games to begin with.

ChunkyLover532326d ago

They matter, but they probably matter less now than at any other point. The hardcore gamer that used to go out and support games aren't doing it in the same numbers.

People say Minecraft is a casual game, and it sells millions of copies, people say Kinect Sports is casual, and its sold 5 million copies. I think the actual line between core and casual is smaller. I don't label myself, but I play a bit of everything, and I am in a competitive gaming clan on Gamebattles. At the same time, I enjoy motion controls, Facebook games and handheld games.