Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Bad

Recently whilst playing through DOOM with a friend of mine a thought struck me. I realised that although the game wasn’t exactly modern and it didn’t have the best of graphics, it still was a lot of fun. Suddenly I began to wonder just when it was decided that developers should start focusing on making their games as detailed and thought-provoking as possible. When was it decided to move away from the retro charm of games such as Monkey Island and Rocket Knight? Instead focusing on as much processor melting power as they could force in without causing a RROD.

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ronin4life2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Play more Wii games. I recommend Little Kings Story.

And try Monster Hunter tri (Wii) or Monster Hunter Freedom Unite(psp). Good old fashioned gameplay focus over depth of presentation.

Edit: just thought of another: Borderlands! ^o^

Me and my bro also just had one of those moments yesterday playing the SNES... it was really fun, and we just kept asking why our modern games just don't seem to hold as much appeal... and this assessment is definitely spot on(or at the very least, the points mentioned are part of the "problem")

trenso12323d ago

completely agree games don't need to look ridiculously amazing to be good. Or have complicated controls. just because a game looks amazing doesn't mean it will be fun.