Real Racing 3 sets the graphical pinnacle for mobile racing

VVV: "After watching the announcement trailer it's genuinely staggering to think that a game with such high quality graphics is achievable on mobiles. Squint, and we dare say this could have been easily mistaken for one of the original Forza Motorsport games. The interiors, the track detail, the convincing reflections... If Gran Turismo is destined for the PS Vita then it already has some serious competition, visually."

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Jio1877d ago

Yeah, the graphics look nice when half the screen isn't covered up by your thumbs...

The_Infected1877d ago

Very true. That's the main thing I hate and it never feels natural without buttons. Btw nice pony:)

Jio1877d ago

Nice profile pic as well.

BlmThug1877d ago

Alright alright stop the flirting, if you wanna do that, PM him/her. OT: Controls is what truly sucks

_LarZen_1877d ago

You use the gyro to stear and break with your thumb at the outer edge of the screen. So no problem in this game with hands in the way :)

EazyC1877d ago

I'm not wearing a gyro ;)

xtreampro1877d ago

Technically the PS vita should be able to churn out a Gran Turismo game that looks better than this right? or am I wrong?

What phone specs would this require?

Jio1877d ago

GT Vita would have hundreds more cars than this, many modes, and better detail. I hope Polyphony learns their lesson with GT PSP and makes a good Vita Gran Turismo.

dark-hollow1877d ago

Even the most advanced mobile device (e.g galaxy s III and the iPad 3) are weaker than the vita.

It will take them a good 1-2 years to outdo the vita hardware and even then mobile games won't look as good because developers will need to cater to lowest common denominator.

guitar_nerd_231877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Fairly true but iPad3 and Vita have nearly the same gpu so it won't be long at all till mobiles and tablets are fully up to par. I have no idea what the + entails but they're more or less the same chip and when the chip at cost is less than $20 there can't be anything too special about it.

iPad3- PowerVR SGX543MP4
Vita- PowerVR SGX543MP4+

The iPad has to drive a lot more pixels with it though so won't look as good.

Controls are the biggest reason why Vita is better.

Either way this looks pretty enough.

SandWitch1877d ago

Lol, Ridge Racer PS Vita has better graphics, physics and controls than this piece of trash.

Don't even dare to compare it to Gran Turismo.

ProjectVulcan1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Ridge Vita was cack, as a huge huge fan of the series (RRT4 is still the boss), even i will admit it was awful and the visuals are not better than this. Bit of a sully on the name.

GT vita would be extremely exciting if it exists. However Real Racing 2 was a quality game and this looks to be a pretty significant step up.

I do just wish though that tablet and phone manufacturers consider clever ways to add console like controls to their devices. I don't know. Maybe little wireless controllers that work out the box (no rooting) or special ports either end of a phone for example where you can plug in clip on peripherals like a stick on the left and a few buttons on the right.

I just want more tactility from mobile games to convince me they can deliver a quality gaming experience close to consoles/PC.