Seagate CEO says Blu-ray win 'meaningless' staff 29 Jan 2008 05:30 GMT - Straight-talking Seagate CEO Bill Watkins has told Wired magazine that Blu-ray's apparent victory over HD DVD is meaningless given that the future belongs to downloads rather than physical discs.

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LightningPS33854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Nothing we haven't heard before.

ravinash3854d ago

Don't Seagate make hard drives?
They would do very well when downloads become the norm....many years down the line.

f7ss13854d ago

of course the CEO of a company that makes hard drives thinks that the future belongs to downloads, i dont know but if you ask me, id much rather have the physical media then a download

fenderputty3854d ago

as easy as downloading an MP3, then I don't think things are in much danger. Even the CD industry isn't out of the business and, I know plenty of people that still buy CD's. This limited bandwidth thing could really put a damper on his little idea too.

gamesR4fun3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I mean a hd guy saying dl's are the future no bias there
fact is until we get a decent high speed infrastructure in NA its a pipe dream here. And even then b/r will have a big apeal to those who want the best quality and all the advantages of owning a disk vs some drm ladened crud.

mikeslemonade3854d ago

There's still a large percentage of people who don't have high speed internet and also a lot of people are computer literated enough to navigate through programs to download a movie. It's much easier to buy hardware and connect cables or hire someone to do that for you and then go to the store buy discs. Blu-ray winning does matter and it will be the main format for the next 10 years.

IntelligentAj3854d ago

Yeah. No one doubts that DD is the way of the future but when it takes a couple of days to download a movie it's not realistic yet. When Bandwidth improves then of course DD will be the way(Hell I wouldn't mind getting rid of most of my discs).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3854d ago

Out of personal opinion I like Seagates HDD (they are in my top three HDD creators), but really either way its just an opinion.

He said quote "HD [DVD] versus Blu-ray... Well maybe Blu-Ray won, but it's a meaningless victory, because if you look at the CES show, there were devices everywhere, all designed to enable you to MOVE and SHARE content electronically. These were all storage devices - none of them had physical distribution of content," he said.

---But you see he Said Move and share, not download and upload. Obviously he didn't think too far into it, before he said that.
And then again don't we all use usb keys for school and to exchange files (I use a Samsung P2 with bluetooth to exchange stuff)

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P4KY B3854d ago

DD depends upon it.

Tech heads like most people on this site can deal with current speeds, but the public in general will only accept a much improved service.

I think that is still years away.

sonarus3854d ago

3yrs from now they will still be saying the same thing. Eagerly awaiting for digital downloads to take off. I think the traditional insert disc in player will prevail in most households for a little while longer.

Daishi3854d ago

You do have to look at the benefits of being able to distribute world wide digitaly getting to the far reaches for the same cost it does appear to be the future. Plus seagate isn't hurt from bootlegging either... Win win for them.

sfinXters3854d ago

As soon as everyone has an optical cable, DD will be reality.
Currently the guy should just stick to his HDDs.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3854d ago

as time goes on the speed will increase. right now optimum online is one of the nest you can get in the us. i have them and my connection in 24 down and 5 up. they are working on improving it to 50 down not sure how much up.

also seageate wants to release a MM HDD 300 TB by 2010. thats why he says the win is pointless.

ThaGeNeCySt3854d ago

I use Optimum Online and i LOVE IT

Lord Anubis3854d ago

it's natural for him to say that since his company operates Storage Devices but it's a bit too early for Digital Distribution. Home networking must catch on first and his company will benefit from that, after that we can talk about Digital Distribution. There should be no Rights Management because I don't want to buy content for a single product and re buy it for another.

Other nations must develop their fiber backbone before they drop Physical storage.

LastDance3854d ago

Haha yeah I think his professional "opinion" is what he HOPES will happen. I duno about everywhere else but down in Australia, stories are popping up all over the place about people simply losing their internet connection because they are downloading to much.