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PSLS: The PlayStation 2 has arguably the best library of titles gaming has ever seen. From industry revolutionizing experiences like Grand Theft Auto III to artistic masterpieces like Shadow of the Colossus, the PS2 had something for everyone. Now that Sony has created a PlayStation 2 Classics section on their online store, one would think PS3 gamers would be downloading last-gen titles left and right. However, thanks to a rather weak lineup of available titles and the recent surge in HD remakes, there isn’t a whole lot of quality content to get excited about.

As such, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle put together a little list of ten PS2 classics that we desperately want to see come to Sony’s online store. There is, however, one important thing that I should point out before we dive into the list. Because the PlayStation 3 has been blessed with a number of high-def remakes, none of those will be included in this feature, so don’t expect to see Jak, Sly or Ratchet. In addition, upcoming HD remakes like Final Fantasy X and Okami HD have been pulled from the running as well.

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Snookies122328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Kingdom Hearts 2...... FINAL MIX +! Though I know that'll never happen, luckily I have it, though I just wish everyone would have gotten that complete experience...

Nimblest-Assassin2328d ago

Pff... screw all those games

Dora the explorer and Spongebob the movie were the PINNACLE of games the playstation two had to offer.... /s

As someone who never owned a PS2... I would love to play those games for the first time

Snookies122328d ago

Haha dang right Dora was the pinnacle of the PS2 experience!

Dasteru2328d ago

Barbie's horse adventures was pretty sweet also.

EmperorDalek2328d ago

I thought Spongebob was OK...

roadkillers2327d ago

Yeah Spongebob was good... They were the PS2's Mario. I still remember playing Spongebob The Movie, I got every Goofy-Goober token in the game except that damn level where you had to ride in a bathtub.

BattleAxe2327d ago

I think they need to release some real classics instead of these obscure Japanese games that only satisfy a few.

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doctorstrange2328d ago

Sony needs to cut down the red tape and approval process behind the PSN already. PS2 Classics are easy money for publishers, but they don't do them because of the legal and processing issues.

smashcrashbash2328d ago

Yeah who says Sony is the only one responsible for that? It is lots of red tape for both parties. There are lots of things to go through. A business is not a simple thing. Many things are more complex then gamers think. We have no idea how many details they have to go through before they can sell the game.It may just sound like 'easy money' but look how something as simple as the music in GTA delayed its release

doctorstrange2328d ago

I dunno, no other company on Earth would have this problem with avatars:


So the mind boggles at the thought of game approval

ddurand12328d ago

actually i think youre wrong.

i believe that the PSvita has a similair issue. they found security flaws in some of the PSP games uploaded to teh store. They probably have to check all of the games for those before adding.

Its no excuse and it could be the wrong opinion, but its the best reasoning I can find.

T9002328d ago


So why are you waiting for Sony and the pubs to make up their mind if they are going to release a PS2 game for you. Hell even if they release it for the PS3 you dont know if it will work on the PS4, in which case you are back to square next year.

Imo get a PCSX2 emulator on the PC. Buy the game, emulate on PC, play with a DS3. Profit :P

And oh, the game is then for yours to keep, as the emulation tech will just be there on the PC its not going away.

ShinMaster2327d ago

Kingdom Hearts.... Disney.... not easy.

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chrisyoung04222328d ago

doctorstrange is right on about the red tape and PSN.

no_more_heroes2328d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 + $150 ps3 super slim = One VERY happy golden_cannon!!! :D

WeskerChildReborned2328d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 need to have an HD collection and San Andreas just needs to come to the store.

alexcosborn2328d ago

:D They sure were great games!

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