Nightmare Mode Announced For Darksiders II

GNT says, "Darksiders II is approaching their launch date, and following sweet reveals all week the Official Darksiders Website has once again updated revealing a new mode called Nightmare Mode. This mode is no walk in the park since players will be challenged to complete the game with one life. Players who die in combat will result in all saves associated with that playthrough to be erased and make them start the game from scratch. Players who fall to their deaths or get killed through lava will not trigger a game reset. This mode will require great skill from players to prove themselves as true horsemen!"

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Hisiru2327d ago

I wonder if they will put a trophy/achievement for this mode LOL

It will be hard, but very fun and challenging.

Wintersun6162327d ago

There was an interview not long ago, no trophy for Nightmare mode.

Mr-Dude2328d ago

Ow Shit... I see myself in the final battle after maybe 15 hours of playtime and then be killed. I think i am going to brake my controller...

Moncole2327d ago

I love when games have perma death. It makes it more challenging and fun.

Mythicninja2327d ago

Alt-tab, copy save files to another location

Captain Qwark 92325d ago

just means it will be more impressive when a console player gets the acheivement for it.

im all about challenges but this is too hardcore for me lol, like Ddude, you get 95% of the way through then die, that could possibly cuase you to go homicidal