Super Smash Bros. Brawl Bug Confirmed?

Kotaku writes: "Earlier, we brought news of a minor Super Smash Bros. Brawl bug. The screen goes black and displays an error message that the game cannot be booted. However, the bug doesn't actually effect the game and can be ignored. Another retail-minded site Game no Urabanashi confirms this rumor, point out that the error message occurs when the game is first started up on consoles that haven't been updated since last summer.

Game no Urabanashi doesn't see the bug as a huge problem as it can be corrected, but does point out that it could be an issue if not all customers are aware of it. The Nintendo flier that stores will apparently be giving out has popped up online. This looks like pretty good confirmation, but we're still going to call this a rumor until we're able to verify for ourselves when SSBB drops this Thursday in Japan. For a game that's been delayed repeatedly, this seems, well, pretty shitty. If this is true, why is Nintendo, known for its impeccable quality, willing to ship its biggest title with a bug? Then again, Paper Mario had a bug and the DS Lite had hinge cracks, so. One thing you can bet, Nintendo would've never shipped Wii Fit with a bug. No way in hell.

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wiizy3849d ago

thats what haters are hoping.. the game will be flawless and sell a boat load of copies

JohnRico3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Maybe this is the actual reason with why it was delayed ? If they can fix this bug in time for the American Release then all will be good

Lord_Ash3849d ago

lol, I like how the article hints that Nintendo cares about their casual market (Wii Fit) more than their loyal fans (SSBB), even if its just a joke.

Ashira3849d ago

The game was delayed because Nintendo didn't feel they had "polished" it enough. As always. Just hope this turn doesn't turn out to be another disappointing Twilight Princess. Waiting that extra time wasn't worth it.

socomnick3849d ago

Nintendo is quite amazing they always turn out quality software.