Four more Mass Effect 3 Wii U screenshots

EA released four more new screenshots from Mass Effect 3 on Wii U.

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slavish2324d ago

looks the same as ps360

kingofe32324d ago

Please, they wish they could look this good and have a steady framerate while it's doing it too!

Skate-AK2323d ago

Have they showed live gameplay yet? I want to see the framerate for myself.

donman12323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )


Here is video footage of Mass Effect running on the Wii U. The game also comes with the option where you can play it on the Wii U controller instead of the TV. That option is also shown in the video. OR
The link above shows just how customizable the controls are with Wii U version. This game is now on my must have list. Plus its been reported the Wii U version looks like the PC version.

GUNS N SWORDS2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I just finished this game last night on my xbox. I went out paragon on all 3 games and finally saw the ending of all my choices.

from my perspective, (only seeing the extended cut version.)

The ending i saw was pretty good.... a bit sad, not what i was hopping for, and i can see what people might be complaining about from their different experiences.

the fact that despite all the choices you make in the other 2 games, the 3rd game forces you down to a hand full of generic out comes which then narrow down to even less than a hand full of the over all ending.

It's all because Mass effect's story from the start was made so that we make changes in the first place, and so this should apply to the endings as well, that's the reason why people weren't so happy. (generic endings despite playing all 3 games your outcome isn't so different then from just playing the last game without the other 2.)

GUNS N SWORDS2323d ago

here's a pic of my custom shepard i played the game with. female shepard.

cleft52323d ago

Is that the PC version, cause your character looks awesome.

greenpowerz2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Double post. Site is buggin

greenpowerz2323d ago

Must took a lot of restarts to make it look that good in game vs the way it looks in the customization screen when making the character lol. I don't know looks good though.

GUNS N SWORDS2323d ago

she actually was originally a pc mod that i found on the net and polished her up with some tools, and then was uploaded to my 360 save file.

Looks and plays amazing. I uploaded my save file online a while back for everyone to try her out.

the site's here.

slane32323d ago

Welcome to the HD era Nintendo

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