Mass Effect 3 Will Support Wii U’s Off Screen Play

An EA representative has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will support the Wii U’s off screen Play. Off screen play allows Wii U gamers to play their console games right from the Wii U gamepad’s touch screen without a tv.

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yabhero2325d ago

Damn, I can play Mass Effect 3 in my bed!

Moncole2325d ago

That's what I was thinking. Its so confortible to lay down while playing videogames.

rpd1232325d ago

I guess that's cool and all, but I don't see why anyone wouldn't have access to their tv. And if they did have access why they would want to play it on a tiny screen.

iamnsuperman2325d ago

I can see its use in families with one central TV. Personally for me I have a TV and so this function isn't appealing as the TV is right next to me. But for those families with one or two TVs it could become very useful.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32325d ago

I guess you don't have a spouse or anything like that?

Shok2325d ago

Well me personally, late at night, I dont like sitting on a chair. I'll be tired but not necessarily sleepy, so taking the game to bed would be a very useful thing for me.

stuntman_mike2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

that's exactly the thing i want it for i can final sit in bed playing my console games (i mean at night not all the time lol) and not in a chair with an aching back.

WeskerChildReborned2325d ago

Thats awesome! I hope most games for Wii U are able to do that.

GhostHero3332325d ago

That is awesome I hope other big name do this as well. Like Call of Duty, Aliens Colonial Marines, and Zelda.

A reason this is good is because sometimes everyone wants to watch netflix and I just want to play my mass effect 3. Now I still can I just wander if it has to be connected to the actual wii u system and how far it would have to stay with in if so.

ChunkyLover532325d ago

Good to see a strong core push from Nintendo for its launch window.

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The story is too old to be commented.