Darksiders II Impressions- Welcoming Death (

Darksiders II is a game like no other. The game plots the player in the shoes of one of the most feared forces of the world, Death. At the mere sight of this legendary horseman the player experiences a sensation that few games have the ability to possess… fear, demise and power; all descriptions that almost never walk hand in hand. Darksiders II provides the player with a perfectly painted vision of a fantasy world, a world that the player can see being where death rides a trusty steed, a world of dust and despair. The game is impressive; a frontrunner when it comes to an ideal mythological feel. Darksiders II is a game that provides the player with the great storyline they yearn for, the dramatic gameplay with perfectly executed combat. This title is the faultless balance between a player’s need for that gripping story and the hardcore gamers’ need for great gameplay.

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TheSuperior 2296d ago

This game looks so good. I love the way they color everything it looks so magical or somthing!

TheGrimBunny2296d ago

With the looting system in the game now... SICK!

articulas2296d ago

I really need to play this. Darksiders 1 was great but this sequel looks even better!

WeskerChildReborned2296d ago

Darksiders 2 looks to be a promising game.

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