The $600,000, Diamond-Encrusted Golden Gaming PC

Are you a big PC gamer who has a small fortune lying around your house? If you do, then you may be interested in the $600,000 PC from Japanese company Zeus Computers. In addition to a computer that is top of the range in just about every aspect, you're getting a tower made of pure gold (or platinum for just under $800K) with diamonds encrusted in the molding.

Because some people just don't know what "over the top" means.

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LinuxGuru3735d ago

I would be afraid to plug it in....

I'd keep it in a display case with soft lighting behind draped red curtains on a velvet-cloth-covered stand.

SaiyanFury3735d ago

I spent about 1750 US dollars to make my PC SLI capable with 2 eVGA 7950GT KO Superclocked videocards. There's no way in hell that a normal person would buy this.

tgh machines3735d ago

I don't understand why these kinds of computers have to suck

Rooted_Dust3735d ago

For that much money you think they would of actually put some decent hardware in it? All I see is one 256mb Geforce 8400. It's the same with every one of these "Luxury" computers. Not only do you have to be insanely rich to buy one, but you also have to be completely ignorant.

xplosneer3735d ago

"and the graphics card is the nVidia 7200GS…"

Tyrael3735d ago

Lol and the base model probably comes with 512 MB of ram hahaha

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