Madden '13 To Be The Most Complete Football Experience This Generation

Madden '13 is set to be released on August 14th. This game is packed with features including a new physics engine, an overhauled presentation, and the Connected Careers.

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the worst2298d ago

i call BS
its the same ol sh!t over and over again

shammgod2298d ago

Lol, I came on here to post the same comment. This series hasn't changed much since '04 and with EA it never will

GanjaMan2298d ago ShowReplies(3)
droc11232298d ago

Wow! To think it only took 7 years for EA to make a next gen football game, cudos to EA on a job not so well done.

ChunkyLover532298d ago

Not by giving these rookies super high ratings, would be nice if Madden finally caught up to NFL 2K5, but I kind of doubt it.

Psychotica2298d ago

I got 2k5 and it's uglier than sin now, though the gameplay was awesome in it's time.

ChunkyLover532298d ago

Have you played the original Xbox version? That was HD and had bump mapping and other things the PS2 version lacked.

Also custom soundtracks, full motion halftime with highlights and a ton of other features.

iceman062298d ago

It SHOULD be ugly as's damn near 7 years old and on the last gen systems. But you are correct, the gameplay was FAR SUPERIOR for it's time...and even today. EA is STILL playing catch up to that game...cherry picking pieces of the game to at to Madden. Maybe EA finally decided to sell a complete football game...but I am NOT getting my hopes up!

shammgod2298d ago

It's a damn shame EA owns exclusive rights and have no competition so they can continue to pump out the same boring football games year after year. They should take a year off and only release roster update and refine. Madden f'in blows!

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The story is too old to be commented.