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Submitted by Feldman9000 1289d ago | preview

Madden '13 To Be The Most Complete Football Experience This Generation

Madden '13 is set to be released on August 14th. This game is packed with features including a new physics engine, an overhauled presentation, and the Connected Careers. (EA, Madden 13, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

the worst  +   1289d ago
i call BS
its the same ol sh!t over and over again
shammgod  +   1289d ago
Lol, I came on here to post the same comment. This series hasn't changed much since '04 and with EA it never will
GanjaMan   1289d ago | Immature | show | Replies(3)
droc1123  +   1289d ago
Wow! To think it only took 7 years for EA to make a next gen football game, cudos to EA on a job not so well done.
ChunkyLover53  +   1289d ago
Not by giving these rookies super high ratings, would be nice if Madden finally caught up to NFL 2K5, but I kind of doubt it.
Psychotica  +   1289d ago
I got 2k5 and it's uglier than sin now, though the gameplay was awesome in it's time.
ChunkyLover53  +   1289d ago
Have you played the original Xbox version? That was HD and had bump mapping and other things the PS2 version lacked.

Also custom soundtracks, full motion halftime with highlights and a ton of other features.
iceman06  +   1289d ago
It SHOULD be ugly as's damn near 7 years old and on the last gen systems. But you are correct, the gameplay was FAR SUPERIOR for it's time...and even today. EA is STILL playing catch up to that game...cherry picking pieces of the game to at to Madden. Maybe EA finally decided to sell a complete football game...but I am NOT getting my hopes up!
shammgod  +   1289d ago
It's a damn shame EA owns exclusive rights and have no competition so they can continue to pump out the same boring football games year after year. They should take a year off and only release roster update and refine. Madden f'in blows!
black911  +   1289d ago
It's the only Football Experience This Gen LOL.
Psychotica  +   1289d ago
I swear they could add nude cheerleaders, paint the grass pink, add machine guns and tanks and people would still say it was the same old thing.
cedaridge  +   1289d ago
Why in the hell is ppl still talkin bout 2K5 in 2012? LOL YES YES and YES! 2k5 wit T.O on the cover was da shit. But EA is trying with the "Infinity" physic engine this year. Give it a chance and STOP crying. You mean to tell me "we are getting closer to ps4 & xb720 and you haven't found a decent football game u have liked yet?" Well then go out there and make a football game yourself. But check your age you are a lot older than 2K5. LOL
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black911  +   1289d ago
Because 2K5 was the last good Football Game.
shammgod  +   1289d ago
Mustang300C2012  +   1289d ago
If it was as great as many people like to think their opinion is fact than we would be playing 2K13
cedaridge  +   1289d ago
You have my 2nd Agree! 2K5 was a good game. I'm sure you have a ps3 or xbox 360? so you sayin you haven't picked up a good footbal game since the 1st xbox/ps2 cycle? well I thought Madden 08 with V. Young was good, Madden 10 wth Steelers/Cardinals double cover was good, and Madden 12 was just allright. But with the "Infinity" physic engine alone with presentation? I don't see Madden not gaining the RESPECT from Football Fans I thought Physics was what ppl wanted in a Madden football game? I guess I was wrong. But for me i'm feelin the Presentation Package + the Infinity Physics engine. psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
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TheHater  +   1289d ago
the "Infinity Physic Engine" isn't a complete physic engine actually. Unlike the Backbreaker Physic engine, the Madden Infinity engine is mixed with some animation.

While the Infinity Physic engine is a step in the right direction, Madden needs to improve on the "Super Linebackers," Super Star Mode, and Presentation.

The Presentations "looks" like it's improved, but we need to see in the full game. In Franchise (connected career) mode, is where the presentation falls apart in previous game. If a team is in the mixed for a playoff spot, we wouldn't know because it would be of the same boring lines over and over. If you are in your 5 (lets say 2016) years of Franchise mode, they are still bring up stats from 2011. Why not talk about stats from 2015? Why not talk about what your team needs to improve?

Superstar mode has been the same for 3+...4+ years now. Why is it that the start job is handed to you with your overall rating of 75 compare to a guy with a overall rating of 95? Contract negotiations is a joke...well there is no contract negotiations. Need to add drills to enable you to increase your stats. Need to bring back the website for you to post your awards and accolades. How about an actually character creation system instead of picking from 50 or so pre-created characters.

Don't get me started on the Super Linebackers. How is it that a linebacker is capable of making a diving one-hand catch but someone like Nicks, Calvin, Larry, etc can't? How the hell is a linebacker able to cover a slop WR like Victor Cruz?

Every year it is the same shit, they claim to fix something from the previous year but end up fucking things up more.
Feldman9000  +   1289d ago
ncaa canned the super linebackers and psychic db's, i expect madden to deo the same. superstar mode will be different with the connected careers
TheHater  +   1289d ago
Actually, NCAA did't canned the super linebackers. The linebackers in NCAA 13 always know were the run is going and blitz right through the offense line. Only thing I can say was caned was their pass defense.
iceman06  +   1289d ago
I don't think people are saying that Madden is just isn't great. It sure in the hell isn't what it could have been with competition. I WOULD be excited for all of the things that you stated IF we hadn't been promised this for the last several years. Madden HAS made some incremental improvements, but it hasn't really focused on the entire game. The devs seem to focus on one side of the ball or one particular aspect per year (defensive, QB cones, running game, blocking, etc.) I'd just like to see them finally sell a complete football game. At this point, I'm at a wait and see mode with this one...although it IS my year to buy Madden since I swore not to buy it's every 2 or 3 years now.
TENTONGUN  +   1289d ago
i love football, this is my only option. im buying the 360 and vita versions. im just as pissed as most people, and not buying it wont change anything. i would love 3-4 nfl games to choose from each year like last gen. anyways fuck it.....GO TITANS!
detroitmademe  +   1289d ago
at this point i think people just want an alternative.Madden isnt a bad game but it's all we've had for awhile.We want options,we wanna see wat competition can do.But just because someone else makes a football game doesnt mean its gonna be good.Remember backbreaker yea it had great physics and it didnt have the NFL but it really wasnt a good game at all,nowhere near as good as madden
StreetsofRage  +   1289d ago
Madden tournaments, never....i mean never get boring!!!

I'm picking this up Madden for sure. Mostly because my Niners are highly rated. :)

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