The Old Republic’s story is Free… The recent news about Star Wars The Old Republic MMO moving into a F2P scheme has shook the mmo audience. The fans of the series have been split into 2 bastions. Once that still hold hope and believe in the words from EA that the future will have more updates and this is a good move to bring in new meat. The other group are the ones that gave up on the title and stopped their subscription. These also feel cheated of their 60 dollar or 45 pounds initial box price of the title which launched on December 20th 2011. Probably because the game is set to be Free.

There has been talk about why SWToR didn’t work out. Too close resemblance to the master WoW? Not enough updates? Not listening to the loud community? Poor server management? Late character transfers? All these played a role in which the title went from 1.7 million subscribers to the present figure of between 500 thousand to 1 million. This happened in less than a year from the premiere. The title which was voiced to be the WoW-killer and the brand new generation of PayToPlay MMO. It did not work out at all....

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Soldierone2320d ago

A game released somewhat broken and took a while to get thing fixed....I don't know how many times this has absolutely destroyed games, and yet developers (mostly publishers) keep doing it!!! WHY!

CandyCaptain2320d ago

Not enough content, not enough refinement, too much hype.

Capt-FuzzyPants2320d ago

I think they may have announced it too early. They announced it and a couple of years later it came out, but with all of those things you said. So it obviously needed more time, but since there was a lot of hype around it they may have felt pressure to release it.

rdgneoz32320d ago

Devs need to learn to take their time and not release it too soon. Look at the GW2 devs, they basically said it'd come out when it was ready and they took their sweet time with it (announced in 2007).

If they need time to make sure its a quality game when it releases, take their time.