Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall Of Hendon Myre Review - Chaos Hour

An offshoot of the free to play MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, Dungeon Fighter Live attempts to bring to XBLA a stripped down version of the DFO experience by way of a hybrid side scrolling brawler/RPG. Story wise, there’s not much to sink one’s teeth in to. The mystical land of Arad has got itself in to a spot of bother after a strange phantasmagorical illness has spread through the land, claiming the lives of children and the elderly. At the same time the monsters have started to get a bit twitchy, a coincidence that has not gone unnoticed by those in charge. A group of priests are sent to investigate this strange phenomena only to be turned in to tea time snacks by the various goblins and ghouls aggressively prowling the territories of Elvenguard and Hendon Myre. With all seemingly lost Arad’s last hope arrives in the form of three unlikely heroes. A fist throwing fighter, a sword wielding Slayer, and a firearm blasting Gunner. Players are then challenged to take their chosen hero and hack ‘n’ slash their way through hordes of wee beasties in an effort to save the day.

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