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Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Trophy List Revealed!

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Batzi  +   966d ago
Can't wait.
Lior  +   966d ago
Its just trophies gosh
Commander_TK  +   966d ago
Thank god for no "Beat the game on hardest difficulty"!!!!!!
BiggCMan  +   966d ago
You do actually, because you need all the iPod songs, which 1 of them requires getting the Big Boss Emblem, and another requires getting all 40 emblems as well. So that one trophy will take a long time to get because there is so many aspects of it.
CmonBeReal   966d ago | Spam
sikbeta  +   966d ago
Not hard at all, will do it for sure!
zag  +   965d ago
People care about this wow.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   966d ago
sweet trophies. don't forget wednesdays and sundays for that final gold trophy.

wish i had a PS3 again to get these.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   966d ago
why did i get 16 disagrees lol.

i actually wish i had a PS3 again so i could collect these trophies.

Metal Gear is my favourite gaming franchise. if PC didn't have MG,MG2,MGS1,MGS2,MGS3,MGS:PO, and MGS:PW i would be console exclusive.

also did no one get the wednesday and sunday thing????
its when drebin gives 20% off all weapons in MGS4 thus helping with the collect all weapons trophy.

although i will say that the platinum trophy was a bit lazy. maybe completing the game on Boss Extreme without being detected would of made a better platinum.

there is some really sad,pathetic,paranoid F**kers on N4G.

you guys actually disagreed because you thought i was saying something negative against the PS3 LOL.
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TheLaughingMan  +   966d ago
I should disagree cause you don't have a PS3 lol.
rjdofu  +   965d ago
Fanboys just disagree because you're not "one of them". To be "one of them". You must:
1. Have a PS3
2. Worship Sony + praise Ps3 exclusives.
Lacking any of those requirement will result in a disagree.
Lol it's sad & funny at the same time.
dc1  +   965d ago
The Big Boss Emblem is required for the 'Sounds of the Battlefield' and 'I am The expert on weapons..' trophies.

So yeah.. this will be a hard plat. I cant wait!!
dc1  +   965d ago

You forgot:
3 - Enjoy gaming as a whole; appreciating unique gaming experiences on all platform including (the 360 and Wii)

... Please drop the term 'fanboy' from you vocab..
waltyftm  +   966d ago
I read the first 3 then stopped, really looking forward to this.
Omnislash  +   966d ago
yeah it should be savored, but 40 playthroughs is just too much savoring lol....
delicia  +   966d ago
Gotta plat this game soon.
waltyftm  +   966d ago
Take your time, MGS4 is like a fine Scotch whiskey, it needs to be savored not gulped down.
delicia  +   966d ago
I mean as in as soon as the trophy patch comes out. I know this, I've finished this game over 6 times on the harder dificulties. Easily top 5 best games ever.
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cruxito  +   966d ago
ive beat this game at least 4 5 times, im serious when i said it took me over 2 weeks to get the Invisible camouflage... so im pretty sure i will plat this game once the thropies comes out... best game ever
trenso1  +   965d ago
yea me too hopefully i can get as many as i can before going away.
Bobby Kotex  +   966d ago
People are making way too big deal about this.
shoddy  +   966d ago
Yay can't wait. Now there is good reason to play it again.

Love mgs
TheLaughingMan  +   966d ago
It's Metal Gear Solid 4. I'd rather have this again with Trophies then Rising.
TheDarkTyrant  +   965d ago
With that name and that comment, I'm surprised you even got 4 agrees...
gintoki777  +   966d ago
I didn't know there was ghosts on shadow moses 0.0
pixelsword  +   966d ago
Oh, yeah; I got pics of at least one of them. I read that somewhere in the game that Kojima's voice is in there somewhere (I've never seen that myself, though)

There's a lot of stuff in there, like making the bosses dance after you get their armor off, you can see that stack of attack robots trailing you as you trail that resistance fighter (when you have a certain visual mode on), and getting a music track for passing-out a lot of rations. The game is very detailed on it's own info as well; there's even the spot where Otacon pissed himself (but you probably saw that already)
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GrooveMachine  +   965d ago
jesus christ 4 years where the hell has that gone!
INehalemEXI  +   965d ago
Yes sir
PirateThom  +   966d ago
That's a good trophy list, all for doing little side things rather than just for each chapter or getting emblems.
Nitrowolf2  +   966d ago
was actually hoping for more. There's only 20 of them though. The Ipod one is funny though (40 emblems). Sneaky Bastards
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PirateThom  +   966d ago
I still think it will have hidden trophies they haven't listed.
guitarded77  +   966d ago
Saw a post on the PS Blog that said YourGamerCard.net had more story related trophies listed... Don't know if it's true or not. I wasn't going to register with the site to find out. Maybe they are just listing the objective based trophies on the PS Blog, and this guy was listing the story based trophies. I guess we'll find out in a couple days.

Bronze: 20 trophies
Sunny side up – Complete Morocco
Over Easy – Complete Peru
Over Medium – Complate Prague
Hard Boiled – Complete Shadow Moses
Free range – Complete Outer Haven
Sanguine – Defeat Laughing Octopus and Laughing Beauty
Choleric – Defeat Raging Raven and Raging Beauty
Melancholic – Defeat Crying Wolf and Crying Beauty
Dance with a Devil – Defeat Vamp
Gears in motion – Defeat Metal Gear Ray
Phlegmatic – Defeat Screaming Mantis and Screaming Beauty
Agenda agent – Defeat Liquid Ocelot
A mind of memories – Reach 100 flashbacks
Battery farmed – Collect all battery upgrades
Oops – Mistake a Haven soldier for a man
One Man Geneva Convention – Save all hostages in Peru
The camera loves ya – End a boss fight with a photoshoot
Robot buddy – Take a photo of the stalker in Prague
Not senile yet – Remember Otacon’s password
Bromance – Let Liquid Ocelot perform his hidden move…

Silver: 9 trophies
Medal – Earn a vertical row of emblems
Insignia – Earn a horizontal row of emblems
SchmOctocamo – Acquire Stealth Camo
Ancient Chinese secret – Acquire Infinity Bandana
Season of Giving – Collect all Sunny dolls
Style of the Season – Collect all costumes and face camos
Chillout – Collect all iPod music
Still got it – Complete the MGS1 flashback with no alerts
Nuclear Playground – Survive all 3 minutes during the Gekko warehouse section in Shadow Moses

Gold: 5 trophies
Old Soldier – Complete the game on The Boss Extreme
Honorific – Earn the Big Boss emblem
One Man Army – Acquire all weapons and equipment
Green Collar – Earn 1000000 Drebin Points
You’re pretty good – Don’t get hit during one of the final boss fight rounds
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guitarded77  +   966d ago
UPDATE: Apparently the trophies I listed above ^^^^ are fake... made up by an IGN user. Sorry for any confusion. I'd delete it if I could.
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Rhythmattic  +   966d ago

Why people disagree with your statement Retracting your own ......WTF ?
a_bro  +   966d ago
theres about 34 of them, or so thats what i read.
chiefdog11  +   966d ago
Yeah, Konami said a week or two ago that there would be 34 trophies total.
LightSamus  +   966d ago
Full of silly side-objectives and nothing for just playing the game. Disappointing.

Don't get me wrong, it's great the game finally has trophies but the ones offered are pretty average.

Although there could be unannounced hidden trophies still seeing as there are only 20 listed there.
Ju  +   966d ago
Don't mind "side objectives". I guess most of us have played the game already. Keeps it interesting. I don't "just" want to play it one more time.
WildArmed  +   966d ago
Gotta say, I'm surprised that they didn't go all MGS HD Collection on the trophies and made them nearly impossible/super time consuming.

Yay Kojima
PirateThom  +   966d ago
They did, just in a sneaky way.

The iPod one?

You need to get the "Snake Eater" song. To get that, you need to collect all 40 emblems.
WildArmed  +   966d ago
Oh, didn't know that. The rest of the ones don't seem too bad.

It's oging to be MGS2 dog tag hunting all over again -_-
NastyLeftHook0  +   966d ago
wonderful and sexy
Kos-Mos  +   966d ago
Does this get you turned on?
Ethereal  +   966d ago
YES! It's a good time for MG fans. I cannot wait for the end of the month!
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goku  +   966d ago
Its actually coming in a few days time if you was reading from the website :P
Ethereal  +   966d ago
I was referring to the showcasing of the fox engine and MGS5 on Aug 30th.
MrBeatdown  +   966d ago
They actually said it was coming at the beginning of the month.

They said the 6th for Japan. Hopefully we all get it then.
Batzi  +   966d ago
We are all waiting patiently. August 30th, Kojima will announce......????????
oldfriend86  +   966d ago
I thought MGS4's story made no sense and tried to tie everything up horribly, but the game was still fun. *awaits the bombardment of disagrees*

With the added trophies, I'd be willing to try it again. Being such a long game, I know that's what stopped people from committing to go through MGS4 all over again.
Ethereal  +   966d ago
If you have never played the other titles then I could see where your coming from. If you have, you missed something. It was epic.
oldfriend86  +   966d ago

I've played every game, many times. Not only were they good stories, but I felt emotion from them. Other than Snake's monologue in the very beginning, what exactly was so great about MGS4's story? No body on N4G has been able to answer that, besides spamming disagrees about anything bad regarding Metal Gear.

Was it Rosemary and Campbell sleeping together? Or was it Raiden showing up out of nowhere and being half robot (this being before any knowledge of Rises)? I guess it was the ending that deserves an academy award with a silly wedding and a soap opera like way of a character coming back from the grave.

Unlike the other games, I felt nothing for the characters, NOTHING for any of the bosses, and even for Metal Gear standards, the story was awkward and terribly written. PS1's MGS ending was better when Meryl was dead and they should've kept it that way. And way to tarnish the memory we had of Shadow Moses by having that stupid Metal Gear battle.

I am open to hearing any defense to MGS4's story.
matgrowcott  +   966d ago

I haven't played for a while, so I'll just share a few thoughts on what I remember at the time. I'm not expecting to change your mind, but still.

I think what MGS4 was about, at its very heart, was change. More than that, it was about living as part of a changing world as a relic of the old world, unable to change. It was about how sometimes, although new ways of doing things come along, we shouldn't always abandon the old ways completely.

The emotion, for me, comes from the fact that Snake is doing what he's always done for a world that doesn't necessarily care about him and he's doing it, not because he wants to be a hero, but because he knows that he has a role to play. It's as simple as that.

The bosses, similarly, have had roles forced onto them - both by circumstance and by the patriots - and have become trapped by those circumstances. Sure, having Drebin explain seemingly random atrocities seems like a shock tactic at first, but he's speaking for people that can't speak for themselves.

Raiden didn't have a place in the modern world either. He'd been forced into a life he didn't want by a man he hated and then he'd been manipulated by the patriots and by his own girlfriend, one of the only people he could trust. He struggled both with his own past and his own future, a victim of the events around him. I'd love to find out more about exactly what happened, and Rising is the way to go on that, but I don't actually think it matters.

Were Rose and Campbell sleeping together? I'm not sure you got to the end, but I seem to remember finding out that the marriage was an attempt to shield Raiden, Rose and their baby from the patriots. Not sure on the details there, so somebody who has played more recently will need to clarify.

It was what it was. On the surface, there's a lot of convenient plot twists, fan service and random character appearances. If you only see it for that, though, you're missing out on a ton of depth and commentary both on the world of Metal Gear and on reality. It's a fitting end to the series as it was and, like MGS through Snake Eater, it's much more enjoyable when you've taken everything in and looked over it a little while.
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oldfriend86  +   966d ago

I respect your insight, but of course like you stated, I'm not convinced that it was an amazing story.

Regarding your first point about the world changing, that's why I appreciated Snake's monologue at the beginning. Having gone through the whole game, his words still held something in the beginning. However, the rest of the story was just a mess or just trying to find a way to tie up a loose end.

Besides the beginning and end, there wasn't much to care about for Snake. Perhaps because the plot was focused on everything else. I felt nothing for any other character other than Sunny. I like what you said that the bosses couldn't speak for themselves, but that was also the downfall when it comes to the bosses. The charm of the first MGS, was to witness each boss' last moments. They also had "character" that was developed throughout the narrative. Defeating a boss in MGS4 and being fed the back story after the fact and then they're forgotten, was poorly done. MGS3 had that problem too, but at least they had some kind of flair or were memorable. If asked what was my favorite boss, I'd go for something MGS3 or below. As for your analysis about Raiden, I got that, however the exaggerated fight scenes that involved him, took all seriousness away. Ignoring that, I would agree with you.

The 'marriage' was a ruse to protect baby John (Raiden's son), but there's a better way to write that part of the story. Again, I'm used to MGS being weird sometimes, but that was just unnecessary, besides a way to keep Campbell and Rosemary into the plot, when the plot was involving so many characters already.

MGS4 was the weakest when it has come to 'depth'. MGS1 and MGS3 had the greatest endings, MGS3 being my more favorable, but there were more deep moments in MGS1. I was still able to enjoy MGS2's plot, though not as much as 1 & 3. With MGS4's ending, the only thing I liked was Raiden seeing his son and Snake vowing to live the rest of his life in peace. Meryl's 'living' wasn't doing it for me nor did anything for the plot. She was only in there to show that she did become a true soldier after her green horn moments in MGS1 and to eventually forgive papa. Again, her dying in MGS1 should've been the canon ending. Though I did find Johnny to be humorous. The fist fight with Liquid was amazing, but badly timed. The fist fight would've been more memorable and glorified towards the end of Act 5 instead of Act 4, where you might've forgotten it due to the events you had to do later on in the game. I liked what Big Boss had to say about the Boss, but that's another moment I would've preferred to be redone somehow. The moment he stepped into the scene I gave up trying to care.

The formula was there, it was just not executed properly. Maybe they felt compelled or pressured by fans to add back in all of those characters? I don't know, but it didn't help them in creating a believable and enriched story imo. Instead they seemed more intent on tying up loose ends (and in some cases opening up already closed ones and then trying to close them again.) If you were able to digest the story in a fitting manner, props to you. I felt the narrative needed better tweaking, better down time moments to appreciate what is happening, and they could lose the crazy, exaggerated moments like the Metal Gear robot battle.

And thank you for your respectful response, instead of just adding another disagree to the pile.
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Rhythmattic  +   966d ago
Even putting story aside, MGS4 is still an absolutely incredible game.
Nuff said.
Ethereal  +   965d ago
Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and I respect yours. The MGS series as a whole is far beyond 90 percent of the industries story telling capability and I loved every minute of it. Looking forward to the next game.
HmongAmerican  +   966d ago
To me the game is short.
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cpayne93  +   966d ago
As much as I adore the mgs series, and I still think it's a fantastic game, I have to partially agree with you on mgs 4's story. The bosses had no character, you just had to listen to some other guy tell you a sob story about them after you beat them. They never even spoke a coherent sentence, how were we supposed to care about them? Mgs 1 handled the bosses the best, the boss had his/her own dying monologue and thoughts, far better done. I do disagree with you about the ending, didn't care so much about the wedding, but the way Big Boss came in was well done imo. I felt like the game began and ended well, but everything inbetween was hit or miss.
Lord_Sloth  +   966d ago
So you say nobody on N4G can answer your question, somebody does by saying what they loved about it and you discard it...

Related image(s)
cruxito   966d ago | Personal attack | show
ame22  +   966d ago
Looks like I'm gonna have to invest 100's of hours and countless play-throughs to platinum this. Still worth it!
#8 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BushLitter  +   966d ago
More like tens of hours :p
Sainox16  +   966d ago
Nice I thought there'd be way more but this is good
DigitalRaptor  +   966d ago
NastyLeftHook0  +   966d ago



I cannot wait for the trophies i will get for defeating vamp!
FATAL1TY  +   966d ago
Easy trophies.
dragon82  +   966d ago
You may want to take a closer look.
hkgamer  +   966d ago
i actually hoped for harder trophies... theynshould atleast have a gold trophie for competing game with bigg boss emblem.... or whatever emblem which was the hardest to get, the one with no alerts or kills. that was freaking hard and definitely something that proves they are mgs fans...
PirateThom  +   966d ago
The iPod one requires you to get the Big Boss emblem as well as the 39 others.
hkgamer  +   966d ago
really, i guess i ain't a real mgs fan for not knowing that then...
can't wait yo play mgs again... but probably will take me years to plat this game... that stupid bike scene took me days to complete.... only way i could get past is button bash and hope for luck...
007Bond  +   966d ago
Platinum here I come!
2pacalypsenow  +   966d ago
no trophies for beating it on different difficulties? :-/
FATAL1TY  +   966d ago
iPod song "Snake Eater" = 40 emblems :D
Urbz7870  +   966d ago
Can august 6th come any faster?
FoxHound_  +   966d ago
My first post on n4g :) i'm really excited to get trophies for mgs4 should be fun! One thing i found interesting is that to get all the iPod tracks, one of the tracks is called "subsistence action"and it requires you to complete a game of MGO online. I suppose that they'll just exclude that one from getting for the trophy. Can't wait!
nrvalleytime  +   966d ago
Welcome to N4G. :-)
FoxHound_  +   966d ago
Thanks :-)
MizTv  +   966d ago
bring it on! mgs4 was the first mgs game i played, just beat mgs2 and mgs3. half way done with peace walker. i love mgs
MizTv  +   966d ago
mgs4 is the reason i love ps3, it was my first game for it
WeskerChildReborned  +   966d ago
helghast102  +   966d ago
Awesome trophy list, some creative stuff in there.
Biohazard8860  +   966d ago
There has to be more than 20 but if not still good to see trophies in mgs4
aDDicteD  +   966d ago
i was hoping for more but still nice list
Navarone  +   966d ago
Almost makes me wish Valkyria Chronicles would get trophy support now as well.
#24 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
crawling182  +   966d ago
This combined with MGS4 trophies = perfect
GTRrocker666  +   966d ago
OMG my nipples are so wet... wait, what?
#25 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Skate-AK  +   966d ago
When I played it I only got to the first boss before I had to return it. This at least gives me another reason to buy it.
TheMutator  +   966d ago
replay #15 im comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!
bayonetta  +   966d ago
Finally xD
shadowboricua  +   966d ago
Metal Gear What!!!?? ;-)
OldSnakePS3  +   966d ago
ahhhhhhh liquiidddddddddd!!!!!!!!!
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