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Submitted by 32froshes 1286d ago | opinion piece

Modern Warfare 2 May Actually Be This Generation’s Best Console FPS

Modern Warfare 2 gets a lot of hate, but it might actually be this generation's best console FPS. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

shackdaddy  +   1286d ago
Cod2 is miles better...
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blumatt  +   1286d ago
CoD4 is light years better. It's still my absolute favorite. Minimal killstreaks. Fairly balanced perk system. Mostly balanced guns with a couple exceptions.

MW2 ushered in too many resulting in too many planes and jets being on the map constantly.

I play Black Ops some nowadays but only on Pure Deathmatch.

Black Ops is my second favorite. But it's just ridiculous when there's a chopper gunner getting someone like 20 kills and you die again right when u spawn. Pisses me off.
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nukeitall  +   1286d ago
I loved MW2 and MW3, but the first MW with the Gillies in the Mist mission was the most awesome.

Maybe because it was my first experience, but dang it was good!

MW2 though was pretty epic too with the juggernauts, breach and clear and the snow missions.

Of course, I'm talking about single player for those only playing online.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1286d ago
I agree consoles are not good for shooters since 2007 - 2008. Every console shooter to date is trying to capture that original money making spark cod 4 had.
farcry 3.

Other platforms moved on to 2000 player shooters in 24/7 worlds

I am glade Skyrim outsold mw3 on pc.
shame on console corporations.
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SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1286d ago
COD2 is a far better game compared to MW2 but COD4 is the best,complete overall COD IMO. COD4's perks were perfect (UAV,airstrike and chopper). the weapon attachments were perfect. the maps were very well balanced and lets not forget how it lasted the longest without being hacked to shreds.

EDIT: come to think about it. MW2 is the worst. WAW was amazing. Blops was pretty good. MW3 is not very good but better than MW2.
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ShabbaRanks  +   1286d ago
Forget it no one knows about Cod2. It actually required skill to play. People think Cod4 is the first Cod game.
DecoyOctopus  +   1286d ago
my list counting both singleplayer and MP
1: COD 4:MW
2: Black Ops
3: COD 2
4: MW2
5: W@W
6: COD 1
7: MW3
8: COD3
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shackdaddy  +   1286d ago
Not even close to my list...
gazgriff2k12  +   1285d ago
totally agree
ZombieKiller  +   1286d ago
please people do NOT feed the trolls by reading this garbage. this is WHY gaming journalism is a joke. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, MW2 was the most unbalanced, raw, and cheapest of them all. One Man Army, Commando knifing, and other shit. Did the author even play MW2?! The same MW2 that EVERYONE ELSE played too? He talks about balance, WHAT BALANCE? A Heartbeat sensor making you use Iron Sights? The Scar had, and still has the perfect Iron Sights for accuracy, so your argument is null and void. Nukes end games and are EASILY attainable due to One Man Army N00b Tubes and kill streaks stacking. When you get thrown into a game where one person is tubing, it leads to other people on the other team getting pissed and tubing back, then everyone is doing it. Thats nice in 1 or 2 games, but it has such an advantage with Danger Close that it makes them stronger than bullets, thus happening almost every game. Not to mention starting rounds with Predator missiles or slinging a tube across the screen at the start of a round and killing the entire team. this article is a HUGE fail....almost as huge of a FAIL that is MW2. Go back to playing Mario and writing children's books. This GAMER laughs at your bullshit. I can smell it through the network.
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JoshEngen  +   1286d ago
Uhh. I think you might be forgetting about Just Dance.
Reverent  +   1286d ago
Funny Bubble^

Anyways, the author must be pretty crazy... With ALL of the complaints MW2 got, how could it possibly be the best FPS this gen? We aren't talking about sales are we? If we are talking about the best legitimate FPS game this gen, COD4 wins it. Even if you hate COD these, you can't deny that COD4 had a HUGE impact on this gen.
Breadcrab  +   1286d ago
Believe it or not, MW2 actually has one of my favorite FPS campaigns ever. I also really liked the Spec Ops and multiplayer. IMO, this was the last CoD before the series started to really become tired and samey.
solidworm  +   1286d ago
Summons75  +   1286d ago
Definitely not
Stretch  +   1286d ago
I'm getting sick of people hating COD.

Yeah...fluid and responsive controls, varied and well paced campaign, excellent suuuuuccckkkkssss.....
Summons75  +   1286d ago
wait, you mean the multiplayer that is always broken and has no punishment for cheaters or hackers, The campaign that as a 2 hour "story" characters that are very 2 dimensional and all the same mind set of a Michael Bay move with a plot that has no twist, turns, or character development of the sort, and a graphics engine that is SO out dated at this point it's a complete joke or the extra 60 bucks you have to pay for the map packs that are already on the disk and look like every other map from last years game?

There is nothing good about the game
SJPFTW  +   1286d ago
LOL worst COD ever.
gazgriff2k12  +   1285d ago
that title belongs to mw3. mw2 multiplayer is broken but still better
NastyLeftHook0  +   1286d ago
call of duty is not even one of the best fps games this gen, i would even go as far as to call it one of the worst? why? because of simplistic gameplay that has been done before over and over again, expensive map packs, hackers are everywhere in this game, and camping is a part of cod.
FragMnTagM  +   1286d ago
You forgot noobtubes, ridiculous kill streaks, no scoping (which was originally a glitch, now a feature), knives being stronger than bullets, bullets that go around corners, and so on.

Best shooter my ass.
ZombieKiller  +   1282d ago
Camping?! You complain about camping?! First off, at what point did ANYTHING state that we all had to play a certain way?! Where in the manual of ANY COD, does it say that we all had to run around? If this was a real situation where everyone had guns and could shoot each other, what would you do? Seriously ask yourself that....Would you run around like a madman? I would shoot you in a second. Then you bitch at me for sitting in a corner. Well why does the game have a prone, or a crouch then? Why does it have Search and Destroy or ANY game that asks you to defend. I play Capture the Flag all the time, and when the other team gets to our base, I shoot them. Then they bitch about me camping.... LO FUCKIN L, ok sorry, next time I'll LET you take the flag. I won't even shoot you, how's that?
Camping is just another euphemism that puts a negative impact on a strategy because COD players have none. COD has strayed so far away from what is important that the players even bitch about the other team winning. "You were camping, that's why you won" No- YOU didn't check your corners because the game is set up for people to run around and you got sloppy when doing it.
Maybe bitch about QuickScoping since people think sniper rifles are shotguns nowadays anyway. Even if you don't agree with my argument on camping, it still isn't the devs fault the way people play.
It's cool keep bitchin, you say I camp, the game says I won. I don't wanna talk to you anyway, you are there for me to shoot, not listen to. Whine about something else. Like how you keep paying per year to get shot in the back. Maybe Activision will listen to your cries. I swear, the internet today....
richierich  +   1286d ago
Moncole  +   1286d ago
While I enjoyed the game there are a lot better shooters.
Yangus  +   1286d ago
This true.
StayStatic  +   1286d ago
Well the PC version sucked ass because Activsion are complete ass holes and runied Infinity Ward , most of the team fled for the hills after mw2 was not up to par , well the real MW2 will come out when Respawn Entertainment say so.
MrCrimson  +   1286d ago
Danger close pro + noobtubes=broken game that was NEVER fixed.
PersonMan  +   1286d ago
CoD4 on PC was the best. I played in a server where I played with the same people every day and they were good players. They didn't camp and they didn't put up with any whiners or idiots. I had a blast playing with them.

I also had a lot of fun playing MW2 back in the day on PS3, but MW3 sucks really bad.

I don't play shooters anymore because they're all stale now. Even Killzone 3 is boring.
StayStatic  +   1286d ago
Auto kick on a n00b tube kill is awesome :D never was I so pleased to be kicked when I used it for lols.
Roper316  +   1286d ago
my favorite FPS this gen was the original Bioshock with the Darkness a close 2nd. While I play military FPS's they are definitely my least favorite type of FPS.
BX81  +   1286d ago
COD4 and BF3
MizTv  +   1286d ago
i like the mp in this game because its so damn fast. best game ever no, but very fun if you ask me
Detoxx  +   1286d ago
Battlefield 3 says hi!
SnakeCQC  +   1286d ago
battlefield 3 shits all over this!
turgore  +   1286d ago
Modern warfare 2 was garbage - at least the campaign.

Killzone 2 and the halo games have a much better campaign.

Black ops had more interesting multiplayer and so did Battlefield 3.

MW2 was garbage.
BALLARD32  +   1286d ago
SpecialK  +   1286d ago
COD4 has been my favorite shooter this gen

The maps were so well designed they allowed for run and gun type players to have their fun, but also allowed for sneaky players to crawl in tall grass, creep into large buildings and take out snipers.

It had the perfect balance between camping spots that wernt too powerful, and maps that allowed for spectacular choke points.

And each different type of gun brought new ways to play and added variety.

Everything after that was just run and gun, where slow players are rewarded with a shot in the back.
LAWSON72  +   1286d ago
And me2 is the best RPG this Gen. LOL
vallencer  +   1286d ago
I'd say either Bad company 2 or Battlefield 3 are for a tactical style but for arcade yeah sure pick anyone of the CODS.
ghettosmurf  +   1285d ago
CoD4 by a mile based on the more limited impact of perks and killstreaks, but that control scheme at 60fps is ultimately what I think made it the best console FPS series for sure.

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