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Submitted by INehalemEXI 2862d ago | video

GameTrailers:Star Wars: Force Unleashed Absolute Power Montage

Destroy everything in your path in the darkest Star Wars game of all time, featuring a state of the art physics engine that will blow your mind! (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed , Xbox 360)

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INehalemEXI  +   2862d ago
Flinging a light saber and mowing down trees , even beats shooting down trees in crysis.

Those trees where thick too. O.O Would make Landscaping so much fun.
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mintaro  +   2862d ago
lol, love how they hang on to objects when they get flinged, awesomness
Mr VideoGames   2861d ago | Spam
ErcsYou  +   2862d ago
Any body else notice the blaster shots going straight through the character while he was using his force powers? I hope that gets fixed , he should be swiping them away with his light saber
meepmoopmeep  +   2862d ago
yeah i noticed that too... kinda dumb if the blasts don't hurt you while using the force... i mean how many enemies can you pick up at the same time and are the others just going to stand there and fire shots that always miss you?
jaja1434  +   2862d ago
He could be taking damage that we just cant see(hud turned off) or they simple could have turned on god mode for the purpose of the demonstration which wouldn't be to unusual.
InMyOpinion  +   2861d ago
Although it looks awesome I still think the developers have some work left. Stuff like the bullet detection you mentioned might not have been implemented yet.
Rockwallaby  +   2862d ago
From a technical stand point this game is very impressive, fell off my radar for a while.
GIJeff  +   2862d ago
tech yea
Am I the only one who thinks games are slowly becoming more of tech demos and less of games? I mean, crysis looks like a compilation of tech demos rolled into a somewhat generic(i admit sometimes fun, but not any more fun than playing with a tech demo)game. And now this? BF too? I think thats why i wasnt able to enjoy portal as most sheeple were, just because in the back of my mind, i kept thinking "this is a school tech demo project, not an actual game". They slapped some minor game objectives onto tech demos and call them games now. To me this is getting old.
Genki  +   2861d ago
GIJeff, that's a fair point,
but you've gotta remember that different things will appeal to different people. If a game doesn't have what you're looking for, that's why we play other things.

I agree with you, a lot of games lack depth in certain areas that make them seem more like tech demos, but games have been like that since time immemorial.

Look at Pac-Man. Try telling someone all about the depth and intricacies of a game like that. I agree with you, but that sort of thing appeals to some people, and I don't think that makes them right or wrong.

Some folks like a great narrative that immerses them in the game universe. Others like environmental interactivity and unpredictable variables to immerse them in theirs. They can both coexist peacefully IMO, but I don't think one should be shoehorned into a game to feign complementing the other...

For example, it's no big secret that Mario games have always been about innovative and simple gameplay. They don't force a convoluted narrative down our throats, they say "This is who you are, here's your objectives and this is what you can do". I don't see anything wrong with that so long as that's what's INTENDED.

A game like Star Wars though, is definitely treading dangerous waters with this. The tech being juiced into it could very well undermine the universe and story itself, but to be fair, we don't know much about the story yet, so declaring the game a tech demo now would be jumping to a pretty lofty conclusion. Could be though.
Shankle  +   2861d ago
Well they are writing in the chapters between episodes 3 and 4, and George Lucas is closely involved, so expect the story to be pretty damn good.
MK_Red  +   2862d ago
Insanely awesome ideas and footage but those cool power would make a great game only if they are used along with good level design and controls. Hopefully that's the case and we can have a Star Wars game that can join the ranks of KOTOR and EaW as the best SW game ever.
Tarmgar  +   2862d ago
I liked the trailer a lot. The physics is REDICULOUS. The trees bend like Gumbi, but the metal being pushed by The Force made up for it. Realism at its realist.
cjp4eva  +   2862d ago
its probably in alpha or something cause the AI is utterly stupid.
XboxOZ360  +   2862d ago
If you check out other trailers on the game, you'll find that the video provided, while "in-game", is more technical demo of what can be done, rather than "actual gameplay" as such . . so the reactions of AI is to show off how the Euphoria's Engine works, rather than how good the AI is. While the others show off how the destructible environment works and the actions between the three engines mesh together.

Showing that in gameplay wouldn't show off how each one works . . . .

So it's a it preemptive judging a games actual finished product based on in-game technical demonstration runs that show off each engines capabilities.
cjp4eva  +   2862d ago
@Xbox yeah figured there was something wrong, thx for clarifying though.
AshleyRiot  +   2862d ago
The FORCE is strong with this title. Looks like they still have a lil ways to go but shaping up pretty nice. Anything Star Wars related pretty much gets me excited.
LinuxGuru  +   2862d ago
Euphoria ( )


DMM ( )

Are 2 pieces of software that should be used in EVERY game.

These two pieces of amazing tech will be the start of a revolution in the game industry, mark my words.
XboxOZ360  +   2862d ago
There's actually several great new engines that developers are working on, and or enhancements to current ones that will definitely change the way we view and play games.

One of the biggest drawbacks to many games, even in This-Gen is Persistent Real World Damage modeling . whereby the damage you cause in one level or area, is still there, when you return, as you left it. As a great deal of memory is required for that.

Now, with the use of id's new Tech5 engine, as well as some others, they have found ways to use LESS memory, and have persistent damage on all levels . . This blows the old mines better than yours discussions out of the water really. As developers find ways of utilizing tech and making it work more efficiently with the same - universal hardware, which is easier in consoles than in PC. As their structure is SO VARIABLE, a developer has to build for the base model where everyone has access to it, or, like Crysis, build for the top of the food chain, and hope people will come.

Then there's Rockstars RAGE Engine, which in itself is an amazing piece of tech

One of our writers is currently doing a joint article on various engines, so I'll tip it once it's done.
gamesblow  +   2862d ago
Anymore I feel Star Wars is better in theory than it really is... Same could be said about alot of "so called" Epic series, though.

Matrix, Lord of the Rings... anyone?
Bathyj  +   2861d ago
I like Matrix and LotR (the movies and book that is, C'mon BR) but I agree SW has been done to death and then some. Skywalker was all talk anyway. He never even finished Jedi School. ;)
PureGamer  +   2862d ago
looks brilliant day one for me.
Robearboy  +   2862d ago
Some people are never happy
I think this game looks awesome and a must buy for me, anything that involves star wars, mass murder and more mass murder cant go wrong
Bathyj  +   2862d ago
I have to admit I haven't really been following this cos I thought Ugg, another SW game, but if its as good as Psi Ops, I have it for sure. Heres hoping.
JewyMcJew  +   2861d ago
Nice but...
Doesn't this trailer remind you of "Destroy All Humans"?
ROCCOZILLA  +   2861d ago
this game looks son is a hugh star wars fan and when he seen this he flipped.cant wait to pick it up.makes lego star wars look like pac man.PLAY B3YOND!
Baba1906  +   2861d ago
wow im speechless!!!! this looks just amazing.
m9105826  +   2861d ago
DMM is some powerful middleware.

Fun fact, you can license DMM for free for your game, but you have to start paying royalties with the first game sold. Anyone interested in the pricing scheme for the Digital Molecular Motion can PM me.

This and Indy are gonna be great.
LinuxGuru  +   2861d ago
It's Digital Molecular MATTER
m9105826  +   2861d ago
My mistake, I was also thinking of Natural Motion when I was writing it, the company who created Euphoria/Endorphin, the system used in the character adaptive AI. I can't edit my post now though. Freudian slips FTW!
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LinuxGuru  +   2861d ago
lol yeah that's what I thought when I looked at that sentence again.
Bowzabub  +   2861d ago
But it will sell
Just like Halo. For one it will get hyped like Halo.. and they both have a cult following.. heck SWFU might take Halo in sales.. i know FU is multiplat but we will see... definitely in the long run, as soon as broke@$$ PS2 owners migrate from the early 90's and get with the program already in progress.
CNIVEK  +   2861d ago
This game... going to have some of the funniest glitches EVER. Mark my words. :D
Neurotoxin  +   2861d ago
From looking at the Video`s the game looks quite good, a rival for Jedi Academy? Perhaps.

Looks like two version`s are being shown here, one has very bad screen tearing and the other looks quite fluid, Will be interesting to see if Lucasarts gets all versions up to scratch.
krisq  +   2861d ago
Dang...'s looking pretty sick. Is my wait for perfect Star Wars action game over?
CrazzyMan  +   2861d ago
damn, some moments, especially in the middle of trailer look like a cinema
very impressive, not all moments though, but these several moments looking spectacular.
LightningPS3  +   2861d ago
I don't know if it's the darkest star wars game of all time
But it's certainly the Star Wars game in which you make people fly the most.
rootEXT  +   2861d ago
Just awesome, i'm sooo getting this game.

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