Interview: Omar Kendall Talks about PS All-Stars' Beta Focus, Updates, and Offense Mechanics

Paul LaCen has a chance to ask Omar Kendall some questions about the leak, the beta and its purpose, and even gets a glimpse at a new guard crushing mechanic previously not in the game.

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Paranoidplayer242322d ago

Will they be adding characters such as big daddy to the beta

Rykoshet2322d ago

It's unsafe to assume, but their current beta build is extremely old. If they just update it to a newer build, you will likely get additional characters.

HammadTheBeast2322d ago

For the public beta, Im sure they will.

Krimmson2322d ago

As much as I would love an updated roster for the beta, such as Heihachi, I'm not holding my breath.

Abriael2322d ago

They probably will closer to release.. Or at least I hope.

smashcrashbash2322d ago

Awesome. Glad to hear that you can't just simply block constantly. Someone was saying that you could stand there constantly blocking with no penalty but now we know if you block people can break through it. Another layer of strategy added to PASBR. So much for the naysayers trying to say it has NO strategy and all you have to do is choose the character with the best supers and you automatically can win a match. I watched Parapper pull off his three level attack that kills everyone and he STILL lost the match. People seemed to think everyone else was just going to stand there like mannequins and let you get all the points or something