These Are The 40 Most Powerful People In Video Games

Kotaku- The world of video games is full of mighty people—people whose mere whims control what video games we play, what we play games on, how we buy them or even what games are like.

We've often wondered who the most powerful person is in video games. And we've wondered who the second is, the third and the 38th.

Now, we bring you the results. Our results of the top 40.

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rob852321d ago

Well there are some irrelevant individuals in this list

dorron2320d ago

No Hideo Kojima???? FAIL !!!

BlmThug2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I know right. The accessories maker Razer is on there :/ yet Kojima isnt

TheTwelve2320d ago

Tim Cook would look at this article and say, "I am?"

majiebeast2320d ago

Another crappy Kotaku article really Tim Cook at number 1.

urwifeminder2319d ago

Would have to say dean hall atm certainly lots of buzz around his creation and envy .

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