Swedish Magazine Level reviews Lost Odyssey


This score comes from the Swedish gaming magazine Level.

Some points of criticism:

* Annoying characters. He compares one of them to Jar Jar Binks.
* Serious nonsense. The game tries to be serious and funny at the same time and fails at both.
* Old. Sakaguchi hasn't made games for a long time and so it appears his games are stuck in the old ways of game design.
* Battles suck. Outdated combat system. Clumsy, mechanical problems.
* Load times. 30 second long ones in the middle of dramatic scenes.
* Visuals. Stale, rigid, odd facial expressions.

Some points of non-criticisms:

* Nobuo Uematsu is as good as ever.
* You can play with Japanese voices and English subs.
* He seems intrigued by the story and the way it's presented.
* Praises the unique pessimistic and disillusioned appearance of the protagonist.
* Occasionaly reminiscent of past greatness.

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MK_Red3675d ago

Anyone knows their previews scores? (The Level magazine's previews scores)

They might be something like Edge, who knows? Rather disappointing score but still, I'll have to try this one because I've been anticipating it ever since the X06.

InMyOpinion3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Level used to be my favourite mag. They wrote great in-depth reviews and usually handed out justified scores(in my subjective opinion). The thing is, it was a couple of years since I last read the mag, so they might have swapped many of the former writers or something. I would still say it's a credible source though.

MK_Red3675d ago

Thanks for your comment and help. It's then indeed worrying review / score for LO.

MK_Red3675d ago

Gonna wait for other reviews for this one but after reading some rather negative stuff from IGN, GameInformer and such, I'm more than worried.

krackchap3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

bad review, but will wait for the english reviews and get it eventually

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The story is too old to be commented.