Review: Penny Arcade 3 [eGamer]

A review via for the indie title Penny Arcade 3 (shortened name). Quote:

"The Penny Arcade Adventures games started off in 2008 when episodic content was all the rage and people still believed that Half-Life 2: Episode Three was a thing, and how far we’ve come since then.

Indeed after releasing the first two episodes of this independently-developed gaming series based off the Penny Arcade webcomic, when episodic content began to die down and only Telltale Games still really soldiered on, hopes were dashed when the Penny Arcade website announced that Hothead Games would not be making the third game, effectively cancelling it, back in 2010.

Fast forward to late 2011 when the website announced that development had been taken up by Zeboyd Games, who were taking the series in an entirely new direction, and it certainly shows in the final release. "

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