Resident Evil 6 - Ada Wong Campaign & Agent Hunt Gameplay Trailers

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom announced that a new – fourth – campaign mode will be available in Resident Evil 6, in which players will take the role of Ada Wong. In order to celebrate it, the company released a new gameplay trailer from that campaign that can be viewed below. Furthermore, a new video from the Agent Hunt mode has been revealed."

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DaThreats2321d ago

Liked how she was alone in the beginning
A sense of horror

Army_of_Darkness2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

It seems like this Resident evil is trying to satisfy everyone, whether your more into the horror or action aspect of it I think everyone will enjoy it one way or another, even if people are claiming that it's gonna suck.
I'm actually more excited about it now.

chris scenario- action like Resident evil 5
Leon scenario- Suspense like RE2/ RE4
wesker's son- intense like RE Nemisis
Ada scenario- looks like RE4

AgreeFairy2321d ago

Oops, they accidentally called this game Resident Evil.

kent800820072321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

haha that's a good pun, right there, see? It's so funny I can't stop laughing

lastdual2321d ago

Getting shades of RE4 here. Definitely some of the most promising footage released.

oldfriend862321d ago

I'm very anti-Capcom/Resident Evil 6; however this is probably the best footage I've seen of the game.

If the majority of the game wasn't co-op/Michael Bay crap, and more of the Ada like gameplay and atmosphere, then I would play it.

Son_Lee2321d ago

Well I'm actually very excited for this. Four campaigns? Sign me up. I'm impressed with the Ada and Leon footage. Definitely going to be getting this. Day 1 hopefully.

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