How Microsoft Could Win the Streaming War Before it Begins

Cloud gaming is something that has always occupied a strange and secluded place in the industry. Onlive managed to turn a few heads, but the vast majority of gamers have stuck to their hardware. For most, cloud gaming is a novelty. An interesting concept, but not something ready for the mainstream audience. This, however, is changing. With the news of Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai last month, followed by Onlive’s support of the Ouya System, it is clear that cloud gaming will be incredibly important as the industry moves forward into the next generation, and will likely be the dominant form of gaming in the near future. The companies mentioned above will be a big part of that transition, and are currently the powerhouses in the cloud gaming industry. Yet, there is already one company which has a perfect setup to win the cloud gaming wars before they begin – whether it realizes it or not. That company is Microsoft.

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StrongMan2326d ago

Highly doubt that the only company to charge an additional fee(XBL) to stream will win the streaming war. Remember what happened when MS tried to force PC gamers to pay to play games online? They said "HELL NO"!. The mainstream public will do the same when they can stream everywhere else for free.

Belking2326d ago

If they really wanted to they probably could. Like the article says they have the infrastructure to do it. They also have the money to build towards that. In the end, they may not need to because right no one knows how this whole cloud thing will turn out.

Mounce2325d ago

If Sony uses Gaikai's tech well enough and expands it heavily. Nothing would compare, Microsoft is not competent enough to make quality hardware that works, they either take the tech from others and poorly implement it or just make funny hardware that barely works.

palaeomerus2325d ago

No one cares about Sony anymore. No one EVER cared about Gaikai. Sony doesn't even care about their own VITA product. Sony will just crap this up just like they did PSN+, Move, Home, and all their other irrelevant schemes. Hell they just lost a lot of their share of the music, PV, and music markets too.

Mounce2324d ago

@ palaeomerus - Hahahahahaha, Well don't you sound like a pathetic fanboy xD.

Yes yes, you're right, Sony launched Vita and is going to discard it and give up right away, hell! Everyone who said the same when PS3 launched, clearly they were right, Sony should've given up on PS3 since everyone said it'd go nowhere, same for PSP.....Oh wait, they're doing fine and PS3 probably within the next year will outsell Xbox 360's global sales, then what?

PSN+ is a good service, it's Optional, and you still have free online gaming without Ads, and without a subscription forced on you.

Move is just another gimmick, Microsoft does similar, Nintendo does similar, it's called experimenting on the market flow, I'd not suspect someone as dimwitted as you would understand risks in taking leaps in tech-response.

Home is bringing Sony actual profit, so your ignorance is noted again, biased and idiotic too of course. If it brings them profit, they're clearly doing something right.

'Irrelevant schemes', LOL Delusional or paranoid, which one are you? xD

Wat? Share of music? PV and Music markets?

Either way, am sure your only comeback will be that since I didn't trash Sony with your ignorance, your 'Counter' to me will be to call me some kind of 'loyal sony robot', You're a dimwit with a flawed self-glorified opinion that's worth nothing. What else is new with this generations' fanboy though? Go hide under that rock of yours again kid :P

LAZL0-Panaflex2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

The cloud is the future. Streaming is the future. Subscriptions are the future.

People die. Companies die.

Ibm was the ibm is sh1t
Microsoft is following in ibm's footsteps.
nintendo is dieing.
Sony is dieing, but working with google/android.
Every dog has his day.

Apple and google are the players. Sony/ ms/ nintendo cant touch them. Playstation mobile is in effect android, nintendo will be dead, ms will probably die judging by the surface tablet malfunction at the pressconference, windows 8, zune, windows phone, and rrod, and the simple fact everyone is gagga over apple.

yabhero2326d ago

Nintendo can take a loss like they did last year for 20-30 more year before selling IPs
Sony is finally profiting of PS3 and buying Gaikai, They aren't dying
MS alway has to fall back on... The most widely supported OS in the world
Your comment is LOL

Belking2326d ago

Dude, even if surface fails windows is still used in over 90% of PCs around the world. Its not like ms has nothing to fall back on....unlike sony and nintendo. If gaming fails for those two, its all over.

s45gr322326d ago

Sony just recently bought gakai so this company can fall back on that. Nintendo well if they ditch the whole wii u console and decide to just sell the tablet controller it will most definitely succeed.

sashimi2326d ago

Sony makes millions from movies and music.... Nintendo is the only company that solely focuses on gaming.

KMCROC542326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Jobs had a malfunction during the introduction of the iPad where he asked everyone to turn off their wifi devices & it has gone on to make millions & sale millions.

slane32326d ago

How about streaming in some exclusive game for a change

ChunkyLover532326d ago

There's been a ton over the life cycle of the Xbox 360, I'm sure you haven't played them all, and if you have, try some on the Xbox Live Arcade, Trials, Fez, Deadlight and Bastion are all great. Also, Forza Horizon and a little known game called Halo 4 is set to release this holiday.

ALLWRONG2326d ago

You're proof that the bubble system doesn't work.

Belking2325d ago

It only works if you show loyalty to one console.

slane32326d ago

samo 4 is rehashing this holiday season ? Thanks

SolidDuck2326d ago

The problem is onlive and giakia own patents on streaming. So it wouldn't be as simple as hey lets stream on Xbox live.

Dlacy13g2326d ago

Hard to say how easy it would be as we dont know what patents MS has already that deal with streaming.

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