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Submitted by Deathcon 1212d ago | news

Star Wars 1313: Amazon unveils platforms?

Amazon germany lists the platforms for Star Wars 1313. (PC, PS3, Star Wars 1313, Xbox 360)

ame22  +   1212d ago
As if Amazon is blatantly gonna list it to be on PS4 and X720. Too desperate.
Garrus010  +   1212d ago
I think that the retailers still have no right to speak about Xbox 720 and PS4 as long as they are not officially announced.

They put PS3 and Xbox 360 as choice by default I think.

Visually, the game is certainly not for the current consoles.
BiggCMan  +   1212d ago
That's because the footage we've seen is from the PC version, as were many games from E3 this year. I think that's a sign that's telling people these consoles are really showing their age now and we need new ones.
aliengmr  +   1212d ago
It was demoed on a PC, its unlikely there will be a PC version. Maybe a port after release. LA doesn't develop for PC anymore and 1313 is an in house project.
RAYMEISTER  +   1212d ago
Aliengmr ur wrong. Both SWTFU 1 & 2 came out on PC. They came out later, but they did come out
MAJ0R  +   1212d ago
Did aliengmr just say there won't be a PC version? Wasn't NVIDIA on board and wasn't it using PhysX? I'm pretty sure that wouldn't demo it's features and amazing graphics on the PC just for the heck of it.

After all, the graphics are really all that's going for the game. Without the next-gen graphics, it's just another 3rd person shooter.
aliengmr  +   1212d ago
TFU 1 came out a year later, TFU 2 was released at the same time both were ported by a different company. LucasArts didn't touch the PC versions.

They were only released because the risk was low. For TFU, the debut title, they already made their money so releasing it on PC was a bonus. TFU 2 was thrown together at the last minute with very little effort to milk the franchise as much as possible. Despite the beliefs of many TFU wasn't planned to be a trilogy, hence the failure of TFU 2 and the cancellation of the 3rd.

LA has already said that because of piracy they won't be developing games for the PC. But prior to that announcement they said the PC wasn't powerful enough to handle the Digital Molecular Mapping.

LA is NOT developing 1313 for PC, unless they announce otherwise. I believe it may even be a launch exclusive for one of the consoles and its showing at E3 was LA fishing for an offer. Which explains why it hasn't started development yet. They are having money issues. The SW license is the only reason that they haven't shut their doors. So they aren't going to risk 1313 on PC. Like Epic they think we are all pirates.

That demo was run on a PC because there are no next-gen consoles to run it on. So LA put together their own rig with support from Nvidia.

I know I could be wrong, but LA's track record should speak volumes. And until they say otherwise I wouldn't dare get my hopes up.
Voxelman  +   1212d ago
Did you miss the part where most of the existing LA team and management left after TFU, and then most of the management left again after TFU2. The LA that is developing Star Wars 1313 is not the same studio that didn't like PC. And in fact just recently one of the leads left for Valve. There is a massive amount of turnover at the studio.

Also PC gaming is on an up swing at the moment. And considering they already have it up and running I don't see why they wouldn't release it on PC at the same time as any other version.
aliengmr  +   1211d ago
I am aware of the teams changing, it happens all the time in the industry.

The real change came after Ward left. This is when it was decided they would only be developing in house.

LA is the studio developing 1313, working with ILM. And they don't seem to have changed their position. This same crap happened with TFU. Everybody was so sure it was coming to PC. Then, LA announced the platforms and when they mentioned the Wii and the DS people started scratching their heads. First excuse was that the PC wasn't powerful enough then came piracy.

Listen, you want to believe LA has changed, fine. I'll wait until they specifically state they are supporting the PC. It wasn't until I stopped being a fanboi that I saw LA for what it was, a useless company with a great franchise.
DeadlyFire  +   1212d ago

I still say PC, PS3, X360, PS4, XB3, WiiU?

I am just guessing WiiU, but hey its a new console that we don't know what it can do. Ya know AMD demoed what AMD 770 could do in 2008. It doesn't look far off what Star Wars 1313 does look like in comparison.

PS3/X360 will get cut down graphics version.
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bobshi  +   1211d ago
Yes, you're correct.

Wii U is an unknown still, but it will be on both gens (if it is out for next-gen).

The funny thing is my comment for a disagree, and yet yours has an agree.

I shake my fist with fury every time someone says that a game will be next gen and then someone says no it will be current gen.

It is like people think as soon as the next gen comes out everyone will be forced to return all of their current gen consoles.

We'll see games on current gen for a long time yet.
JsonHenry  +   1212d ago
The footage was PC and not console. Or at least that is what we were told. Those visuals are certainly nothing a medium gaming rig couldn't pull off on a PC as of today. The game is quite possibly going to be released on the current gen consoles.
Voxelman  +   1212d ago
the demo dipped as low as 30fps while running on a GTX680, I don't think a "medium gaming rig" could pull off those graphics.
Gorbenshore  +   1212d ago
If this game is coming out for this generation of consoles, then I'm really impressed. I still think this game is for next gen though.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1212d ago
why are you impressed? PC version makes you happy for ps3 version? Just asking.
Watch Dogs is also for current consoles so get happy?

Also BF4 will be 64 bit on pc at least..
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DeadlyFire  +   1212d ago
Well doesn't mean Watch dogs only releases for PC, PS3, X360. They might get a cut down version for current consoles, but I expect a suped up next generation version for PS4/XB3.

BF4 on the other hand is only on next gen. As no console supports 64-bit and EA has already claimed its a next gen game.
fossilfern  +   1212d ago
Its really frustrated me how long its took developers to get 64bit games on PC! We have had 64 bit CPUs for about 10 years now? Same goes with the OS. They need to drop 32bit its old and needs replaced.
DeadlyFire  +   1211d ago
I am hoping to see 128-bit before I die. Its claimed that 128-bit CPUs will start production around 2015. I think its funny because GPUs shift up every 2-4 years or so. Right now GPUs are on 384-bit or something like that. If CPUs could catch up to that then games will be like the Matrix where we just plug into them.
ChunkyLover53  +   1212d ago
I highly doubt this game is for current hardware. According to LucasArts, the game isn't even fully in development yet, which means its years away from completion. That smacks of next generation consoles to me.

If they try releasing that game on current hardware in a couple of years, it'll tank.
R_A_LEE20  +   1212d ago
It's just done by default, I don't think they'll say it's coming to PS4, XB720 and Wii U to blow the whole thing wide apart.
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v0rt3x  +   1212d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if it came to current gen. I've said it before - and got a lot of disagreement - visually 1313 isn't more impressive than FU2 was at the time of its reveal.

Go back and read the previews if you don't believe me.
It's certainly possible on current gen.
Nodoze  +   1212d ago
Who cares. This will suck as all Star Wars properties this gen have. I hate to say it, but I think it has truly jumped the shark.
avengers1978  +   1212d ago
I doubt this "game" will ever come out.
TekoIie  +   1212d ago
I dont care if it releases this gen or next gen! I'm just going to look forward to playing it :)
bobshi  +   1212d ago
If it is out on next-gen, it will be out on both gens.
Skate-AK  +   1212d ago
Well I know if it comes out this gen I won't be buying it. A lot of people are expecting it to be next gen so I think if they release it for PS3/360 and it doesn't look anything like people are expecting it will lose sales.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1212d ago
It's probably a placeholder. They wouldn't just list PS4 or Xbox8. Maybe they would list Next Gen consoles but idk.
SoundGamer  +   1212d ago
Well, 1313 will be on PlayStation (something). It's being featured in the Official PlayStation Magazine for September.
Legion  +   1212d ago
Wouldn't be the first time a future title was featured in print Magazine and then later only appearing on one console.

I don't think ANY of the sales advertisements or magazine articles prove the existence on any system currently.
modesign  +   1212d ago
hate to be captain buzzkill but this looks as good as the uncharted series not to mention Gran Turismo 5, so dont give that "it cant be on this gen console" crap.
starchild  +   1212d ago
Lol, um no, it looks a lot better than any current gen game.
PersonMan  +   1212d ago
I disagree. It wasn't that impressive to me. Uncharted 3 looks like a really nice PC game, yet it runs on PS3. Also, have you seen God of War Ascension gameplay? That looks impressive as well.
Getowned  +   1212d ago
I hope this game dose well, We really need a good StarWars game badly!.
taquito  +   1212d ago
pc version for me thanks, doubt even next gen consoles will support 1600p and 8x anti aliasing
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avengers1978  +   1212d ago
I doubt many people have PC's that support it,
Just saying not everyone gets the latest and greatest.
DeadlyFire  +   1212d ago
Mine supports 1400p and that's without me trying to push further due to monitor resolution limit on this old monitor. I am pretty positive that anything newer than my PC that is 5 years old supports 2100+
cedaridge  +   1212d ago
All you will need is a 960hz set + HDMI (1.?) <maybe 1,5 + ps4 & xb720 + stars wars = PC standard!!!
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Zha1tan  +   1212d ago
lol george lucas is involved, count me out.

It just looks like a load of shiny and not to mention the main character looks like a complete phaggot.
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