Ubisoft Says that the Touch Screen is the Future

In a recent interview with Ubisoft , they really showed that they were behind the Wii U. Brunier from ubisoft was quoted saying that the Wii U having the touch screen will bring it to the next level.

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user54670072328d ago

Ubisoft would say that...there the type of company to jump onto the latest fad first.

"Where the casuals are, theres money and where theres money we want to be"

I feel like over the years they've become a bit greedy...thats how Capcom started last gen and look where they are today.

tictac2612328d ago

To me it looks as if, Ubisoft sees the innovations that are around the corner, and want to get a jump on it.
Look at it this way I bet you have a, cell phone and a tablet. Both are touch screen and you spend hours and hours on them, soon it will become second nature. So why not get on now and make some money.

Al802328d ago

Touch screens aren't the future, they're the present. Over 70% of games played today are played on tablets and mobile phones.

Rupee2328d ago

Not the touchscreens we have today. We'll see what the future holds...

Godmars2902328d ago

So we can expect them to back this up with games which support the claim, rather than cheap and buggy junk-ware?

You know - like they did with the Wii.

tictac2612328d ago

Well Ubisoft did have good games for the Wii and they made games to support the Wiimote well. Check out Just Dance, Rayman, Rabid Rabbits game,Ghost Recon and all of the fit games. Wii was geared to casual gamers so the worked for that market, and I think they did a good job.

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