Hartmann Is Wrong: Why Emotional Games Don't Need Photorealism

Dealspwn: "Far from limiting developers in terms of genre, the lack of photorealistic graphics forces developers to innovate in other ways to help impart or, better yet, invoke emotion. Hartmann mentions shooters and action titles because they are the only games that currently have the budgets to be pushing graphical power boundaries. Ironically, they are the least emotionally involving games around, and are arguably the genres least likely to surprise. In this sense, at least, the drive for greater visual realism has led to the exact opposite of Hartmann's suggestion: stagnation."

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iamnsuperman2321d ago

I had a really weird (good) experience with Journey. The fact that communication between me and some random person I have no idea how old, sex, what they sound like, what they look like..... and yet I managed to create a dialogue with them with simple sounds. It was a really good experience.

Photorealism isn't necessarily important. Just depends on what the game is really. Some games do not suit photorealism and the emotion is driven from an experience. I often find in photo realistic games emotion seems forced and for me works against creating an emotional response. I think in a way games are still playing catch up to films with invoking an emotional response through story telling. Like the article says "The journey is so often what leads to an emotional connection in this industry" and rarely do I see games try to adopt this mentality. Seeing a child get blown up or a fellow squad member get gunned down in modern FPS do not evoke emotional responses because the developers forget it isn't the way the event looks but the journey to the event.

For me it could be some low level graphic game which causes me to have an emotional response because of an event to a character I have grown to like and slightly care for.

sandman2242321d ago

I would at least like to see how a first person shooter would look like with photorealistic graphics. Also if they could incorporate 60 fps. I could only imagine the experiance.

prototypeknuckles2321d ago

i dont know if i want photo realism games are becoming more and more like movies instead games already

Somebody2321d ago

So how that leave The Last of Us? It's pretty and focus on the emotions of the main characters.

Gorbenshore2321d ago

more like no compromises;

good graphics + good gameplay > bad graphics + good gameplay

Basing off `Journey`, that game doesn't need to focus on spectacular/groundbreaking graphics but there are many games than can benefit from that advancements of graphics. Speaking in the same context, take film for example. In `The Dark Knight`, where CGI was used for Harvey 2-face, or what ever his name is, `graphics/CGI` was needed to convey a proper feel for the movie that face paint could not match. I don't think `The Last of Us` would be getting as much attention if it were a side scroller.