10 Limited Edition consoles, you probably wish you owned!

"Read an article online which highlighted some of the rarest limited edition consoles out there. Here is my pick of 10 I think we all probably wish we owned. Here we go!"

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Instigator1903d ago

I want those. Especially the ChuChu Rocket Dreamcast, One Piece PS3 and Zelda 3DS.

DarkHeroZX1903d ago

Well I have the Zelda edition 3DS, and the Gears 3 edition 360. All I need is the metal gear solid ps3.

Tzuno1903d ago

Yeah as if any of those have more power than the basic model.

Hicken1903d ago

Did you hit your head growing up? That's really not the point of a limited edition console.

mamotte1903d ago

You dont go outside very often, do you?

DivineAssault 1903d ago

ive seen a few of those @ the local vintage game stores.. i would like a tales of xillia ps3 though.. Japan always gets the good $hit

solidsnake2221903d ago

Had a feeling the Big Boss Bundle PSP would be on the list. Still got mine!

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The story is too old to be commented.