What we want from gamescom 2012

gamescom 2012 is just over one week away. Before half the office frantically brushes up on basic German phrases and decides how many Euros they need to fund a week of consuming nothing but meat and beer, puts together some general thoughts on what they want from the show.

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Jason1431998d ago

vita monster hunter or im throwing mine in trash.

Capt-FuzzyPants1998d ago

That would sell a lot of Vitas in Japan.

yabhero1998d ago

Seems unlikely... Nintendo has Monster hunter 4 being built ground up for 3DS... I think Nintendo is clawing onto that advantage in Japan

imXify1998d ago

Black Ops Vita, just to see how good it will look...same with NFS Most Wanted if they show them.

LAWSON721998d ago

If you are referring to graphics I don't know why it doesn't even look that great on consoles

Capt-FuzzyPants1998d ago

I just wanna see FF14. With the work they're putting into the game, it sounds good so far. So now I wanna see that it looks good.

ToZanarkand861997d ago

Wasnt it just a pre rendered cut scene they released?
Gimme some shots or gameplay footage of FFX HD running on a Vita!