Watch the Mars Rover Landing on your Xbox 360 this weekend

Join NASA TV live from Mission control at the JPL on your Xbox 360 as "Curiosity" is scheduled to touch down on the surface of Mars this weekend. Don’t forget that while you are waiting for the big moment you can play the free Kinect Mars Rover simulator available for download and get a few achievements and Gamerscore.

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Hellsvacancy1997d ago

Cool, i dont have a 360 but its cool either way

Moby-Royale1997d ago

It's going to be on Science channel. So if you have digital cable you should consider looking it up.

Lucreto1997d ago

I forgot about the launch.

According to NASA it will arrive 1:31 a.m., EDT on Monday, Aug. 6

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chukamachine1997d ago

For anyone wanting to know in uk.

Curiosity lands monday 6.31am

There's an excellent program on iplayer all about it.

Amazing feat, Amazing piece of tech.

I hope it all works out for NASA.

Emilio_Estevez1997d ago

Should be cool, I thinks it's on TV somewhere too.

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