Update on Bioshock Wii U Rumours

Clickonline writes: "The internet was set ablaze yesterday by reports that BioShock Infinite would be making its way to Wii-U, although it would be after the release on the known formats of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Unfortunately we got our wires crossed at that time and as it currently stands, there are no plans to bring the game to the Wii-U."

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Menashe2322d ago

Thank you for being honest with that mistake. I also listened to the earnings call and they never mentioned that it would come out for the Wii U.

AO1JMM2322d ago

I guess there are no plans for me to buy the game then.....

naaaaaah I was BSing. LOL

DivineAssault 2322d ago

i knew it.. Too risky for them to invest the time & resources needed to make it on wii u.. Theyll possibly reconsider when & if the wii u gets a good enough install base to where it will be profitable.. Cant blame anybody except the nintendo fans for this.. If they bought & played more mature games on their platforms, devs wouldnt be so hesitant to put their games out on em..

Salamander2322d ago

Man, you should realy think before you type.

DivineAssault 2322d ago

i did.. Its true because gearbox devs even said that they will see how aliens fairs on wii u before considering a borderlands 2 port for it.. I think U should think about why they would say that & why so many AAA games like RE 6, MG, & Tomb Raider arent scheduled for release on wii u

Roper3162322d ago

I think it will eventually come to the WiiU and it will kinda be like Bioshock releasing later on the PS3, the only difference would be that no MS money was involved this time.

Orionsangel2322d ago

I'm sure it would implement the Wii U tablet controller. Which I find distracting. I just wanna concentrate on one screen. Especially when enemies are attacking me.

Skate-AK2321d ago

I would have figured that after I read this quote from 2K.

“In general, we at 2K are always going to be positive about new hardware out there, but we are also cautious about things we aren’t experienced with. We don’t want to flood the market; we’d rather pick our opportunity and work well on our projects. About the Wii U itself, Nintendo is such an impressive company, they have over and over again put handheld and consoles out that are impressive. They have so much experience that I am sure they are going to do it again. With any new console, especially where something original is added, it will take time for consumers to understand it and see the beauty of it. I know that they have such clever people at Nintendo that people will see the beauty of the console, though it may take some time.”