New Super Mario Bros 2 Review | IGN

IGN writes: "It's not the best Mario game on 3DS, but it's joyous while it lasts."

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LightofDarkness2324d ago

Less than a 9? For a big Mario release? FROM IGN?!

Guess the cheque didn't clear :p


Blastoise2324d ago

Lol you're better off with gamespot for mario games than IGN. Great games for sure but then can be a bit generous (9.5 for Super Mario 3D Land).

Instigator2324d ago

Yeah, IGN didn't have enough money so they could only get a beta version.

live2play2323d ago

mario ios all about the gameplay
and it got a 9.5 on that category

Kinger89382324d ago

8.5 is a great score, doesnt mean its a bad game

live2play2323d ago

and a 9.5 for gameplay alone makes it a great mario game

cuddlemonkey2324d ago

There's just only so much you can do with a 2d plat former before it got really old a really long time ago, Mario galaxy however, I knock the dust off that s*it!

DivineAssault 2324d ago

I always say that its solid but nothing new yet ppl dont seem to understand.. Its evident that all the reviewers of the game are saying the same thing.. Im still buying this but only cuz it seems to be a modernized mario bros 3.. That was my favorite & fighting the kupalings was always a joy even if theyre repetitive & easy.. Damn u nintendo! This game isnt worth $40

dark-hollow2324d ago

"game are saying the same thing"

isnt that the WHOLE point of making the new super mario bros. franchise?

people asked for classic, 2-D mario games and nintendo delivered just that! and its proven by how much the new super mario bros on wii outsold mario galaxy.

do you really think if ms, sony, EA or any other developer would not do the same thing if they have a massively successful franchise on the same magnitude as mario games?

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