GRID 2 is Coming: What We Want

GTMAM: Codemasters, creators of the DiRT franchise, have just released a teaser trailer for what is certain to be GRID 2. Fans have been pouring out in support of the first game, begging for a sequel to the road racing title, and it finally seems thier support has been rewarded.

There is little doubt the teaser is for GRID 2 as the logo from the first game with a two in the center of it closes the video followed by the date "8.8.12" or August 8th, next Wednesday. The news has us looking to the past and what could be the future of this franchise with a little bit of what we want to see.

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theWB272323d ago

If true..this is some of the best news. I absolutely loved the first Grid, one of my fav racing games. Can't wait.

Hufandpuf2323d ago

it is true, there is a teaser video on their website.

OT: I want demolition derby to return. and the Le Mans to be included!

Also, more unpredictable AI situations. seeing the AI crash was so cool to watch

boricua822323d ago

About goddamn time,been waiting years for a sequel. Hands down the best racing I've ever played,period.

jukins2323d ago

gotta agree with you there. even tho i put in much more time with gt5 than grid. I still enjoyed grid a lot more than gt5. cant wait.

Gen0ne2323d ago

Loved this game, did not like the drifting though. I finished only like, 3 drift races and completely destroyed the rest of the game. Oh yeah, the replays. I used to leave my replays up as screen savers. I'd watch that shit over and over. And yeah, more unpredictable AI would be nice. For the reason stated above.