A New Breed, A Hybrid: The Casual Hardcore Gamer

"Casual games have done something wonderful. No. Seriously.

It is cold and wet and rainy. I am inside and it is night. The week is ending, varsity is under control and for a brief moment, I feel at peace. I enrobe myself in my favourite hoody and my warmest pants, I prepare the most glorious cup of tea and then nestle in front of my computer.

My chair creaks, my desktop hums and whirrs, crickets start a choir. Silence."

- Jake Woolf (eGamer Columnist)

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Dlacy13g1631d ago

Casual hardcore... I like the term because I think it actually fits a majority of gamers out there. Far more so than just Hardcore or Casual does.

kuus1631d ago Show
mamotte1631d ago

Because calling people who like to play "gamer" is just too difficult.