Winning Eleven 2013 Dated For October 4

Konami has set a final release date of October 4 for the PlayStation 3 version of Winning Eleven 2013. The game's image character will once again be Shinji Kagawa.

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Yi-Long2323d ago

... but I'm guessing the japanese/asian release doesn't have the english text in the game, right!?

I would much prefer the 'Kagawa' version of WE, which probably also has the J-League playable, instead of the western version, but not if it doesn't have the option for english language.

It's a shame they don't include the J-League in the western release, and give you a choice for who you want as the game's image character.

Kos-Mos2323d ago

But fifa is for the teens who wants an easy game where you can close your eyes and score by hitting two three buttons. PES is for the adult who`s up for a challenge.

pompombrum2322d ago

J-League isn't officially in Fifa.

s3arch2322d ago

Kos-Mos - There is no way that PES is better or harder to play than FIFA. FIFA has offical names, kits, etc. PES has kids graphics and gameplay. FIFA is the MANs game and PES is the KIDs game. The skill system in FIFA is brilliant, just because PES is a no brainer doesn't mean your opinion is correct. FIFA owns PES all day.

Rant over

JAM_brz2322d ago

Why on every part of the world we have to start a discussion if Fifa is better than PES or PES is better than Fifa?
Let´s talk just about the article. It´s about PES, want to talk about FIFA, go to an article about FIFA. Simple.