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markoghc2323d ago

8.8.12? Perhaps they will show a gameplay trailer?

Yi-Long2323d ago

... GRID is one of the very best racers this generation!

Freak of Nature2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yes, plus screens and more detailed info, I cannot wait. Fun game, and with some additions, tweaking this could go over the top as something really special. Physics to be tuned a touch, damage, a little here and a little there of improvements. They had a nice balance of arcade and sim, I wonder if they will go further towards sim or arcade, or keep things on an even keel...?

I sure hope they go a bit deeper in demolition derby mode, perhaps a couple extra tracks like the figure 8 one, but a bit more massive and complex. Plus an all out demolition mode would really be something fun...

Really looking forward to the new up coming info...

SOD_Delta2323d ago

Grid 1 was one of the best racers this gen. Right next to Forzas and GT5 IMO. Everyone talks about GT5 Vs. Forza but everyone forgets about Grid. And Grid is the most enjoyable out of the 3.

markoghc2323d ago

I would like if they pushed it more towards sim, but still, GRID was very fun even though it wasn't nowhere near sim. Career was pretty cool. What this game really needs is more cars, more tracks, more race modes, more customization and tuning... well, just quantity, since quality was already there.

PockyKing2323d ago

I just want deep deep customization. For everything this gen has, arcade racers are severely lacking in customization. Burnout, Need for Speed etc, those games should have customization like they did back when Underground 2 was around. I could spend hours just detailing a car. Forza 2's auction house was my favorite part of the game.

Crazyglues2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

What in the world took them this Long to realize they should be making a Part-2...???

I don't get it, but it's about time - I have waited for this game for like forever and I'm finally So excited it's finally on it's way...

GRID 1 was an amazing game.. -especially loved the F1's in the game -the speed was insane.


rufusman912323d ago

I want Codemasters to make a Jericho 2.

bahabeast2323d ago

im good with grid 2 loved grid 1 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.