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Did Sony Deliver the Goods for Vita at E3 2012

From the PlanetPlaystation.com feature article:

"It was obvious, without a next-gen console announcement coming, that in order for Sony to take E3 by storm, it needed to focus largely on the PlayStation Vita. I was one of many who felt that the company needed to deliver a strong lineup of games, and I seriously thought it needed to do so on the grand stage of E3 during its press conference. Ultimately, Sony didn’t exactly do what so many of us hoped it would. Instead, it showcased a strong collection of titles for the PlayStation 3, as well as some, well, not-so-strong titles." (E3, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, New Little King's Story, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Snapshot, Sound Shapes)

LaurenKB123  +   1033d ago
For me they didn't - personally I need a GAME, the GAME to make me buy a PS Vita...
G20WLY  +   1033d ago
In the conference, I'd say no; on the show floor...kinda?

But why are we still analysing E3 anyway? It was more-or-less a dissapointment all round.

Regardless of platform or brand, I think we're done with E3 and we should be looking more towards the next shows and even the holidays... Here's hoping it's more interesting for all :)
avengers1978  +   1033d ago
Correct E3 was a huge disappointment all around...
MaxXAttaxX  +   1032d ago
This is.... odd. E3 was 2 months ago.

They didn't show anything on Vita at the conference except for Assassins' Creed: Liberation.
Other than that, all the Vita games were at the show floor, which is probably why not many noticed.
himdeel  +   1033d ago
For me the didn't either. From lack of new games in the show, to no updates for PSOne games on Vita during or immediately the show, to almost no Vita games during an already dry summer (pun intended), to almost nothing for Vita on PSN, they just haven't done IT.

That being said they have done enough since I have a Vita but I've been enjoying the PSP more than my Vita games at the moment. If it wasn't for Uncharted GA, Unit 13, and Motorstorm RC my Vita itch wouldn't have been scratched but these 3 games are enough for me right now.
Wintersun616  +   1033d ago
You should give Gravity Rush a try.
himdeel  +   1033d ago
I was going to get Gravity Rush but bought Persona PSP and Dissidia 012 instead. I was really excited about Gravity Rush at first but was really wanting some RPG action. I will probably hold off on getting it or any new Vita games until after LPB Vita drops. The beta on LBP really sold me on that being the ultimate version of the game.
miyamoto  +   1032d ago
Kaz Hirai said they don't expect to make huge revenue from PS Vita but on PS3 that is why they treat the PS Vita platform like that.
UltimaEnder  +   1033d ago
I'll be picking one up the days FIFA '13 releases, still a good read and has me thinking, but I can wait til FIFA 13.
nyobzoo  +   1033d ago
they delivered the good, since there was 25 vita games at their booth, but they forgot to show it off
ApolloAdams  +   1033d ago
But the general people don't know about them if they weren't shown in the big press conference. Not a smart move.
Hicken  +   1033d ago
E3 isn't FOR the general people, anyway. It's for the industry, and we just get to watch. Has everybody forgotten the days when it was a closed event and we knew nothing until AFTER it was over? Not like this was 20 years ago or anything...
Jdoki  +   1033d ago
Big fail in their presentation. Nothing they showed gave me incentive to buy one, and the lack of information actually made me wonder how hard Sony is supporting the Vita.

I think Vita will get a boost when Sony show off how it integrates with the PS4... fingers crossed, as I'd love to own one.
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majiebeast  +   1033d ago
They should have had psvita games shown instead of wonderbook they shouldve just announced wonderbook at some other conference.
Jdoki  +   1033d ago

That Wonderbook segment took the wind out of an otherwise decent E3 presentation. Wonderbook needed 5 minutes max to get the point across.

They could have filled the time with so much Vita news!
edonus  +   1033d ago
Yes Sony delivered big with Vita. The problem is that portable market is a very weird market and I dont think they properly assessed it.
The Vita is a core device it is really a home console in your hands but think about it... where does it fit. I'm not going to play the Vita instead of my Ps3 when I am at home so making games that are as engaging as the home console games take a strike right there. Then it would be great when i am traveling but lets look at travel. When I am going to work or take a break or go out to dinner or lunch time at school my time is limited so again big engaging games take another hit. When I go to a park with friends or to skateboard play basketball the regular person wont be playng video games there if a game is that engeging i would really rather just stay home and play it. That leaves big trips and yes it is a god send for big trips but how many big trips (and when i say big i am talking about at least 1 day with some down time like sitting on a bus waiting in a lobby sitting in hotel room and more is definitely better) but how many of those does the average person take.

For most people little casual games are the best for travel. they distract you just enough but do not require lots of attention like Angry Birds.

The Vita is really overpowered for that type of experience. Vita would be better served as a high end media device. Specialized apps to make it unique and some good social features. The great console experiences it offers should be few and seen as luxuries. That how the DS does it. Mario games are extremely casual they have some deeper games but they are very few and are really luxury titles not something average owner would be interested in.

The Vita is a great product in a market that doesnt require its greatness.
topekomsi  +   1033d ago
There are plenty of times, while i'm at home, that i dont have control of the TV, or perhaps i wanna play uncharted while i'm taking a sh*t?
edonus  +   1033d ago
But lets compare do you not have access to your TV so much that playing on it is a treat and not a norm, and how long do your shits take and how often do you take them. The average gamer plays games more than 3 hours a day (i cant remember the exact number but i'm being nice with 3 hours) if you spend 3 hours on the toilet each day my heart goes out t you but the average consumer does not.

Whats with all the disagrees, the Vita is a very powerful platform that exceeds the capabilities of the portable market requires.
I think Sony should WiiU the vita and make it a full extension to the Ps3.
Belking  +   1028d ago

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