Rock Band Mics Available, Hint At Wii Version

Seems the first standalone Rock Band peripherals have begun slipping silently, like blister-packed ninjas, into the retail channel. Now available in stores across the US are extra mics for the game, which contain not one, but two surprises. First: they're $50. No, thanks. I'd recommend SingStar mics, they're cheaper and better. Second: the packaging looks (we say looks because it's awful small) like it says it's for PS3, 360 and the Wii. Wii, huh? That's certainly new.

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wiizy3821d ago

they needed to release a wii version already... releasing so late it will sell but not as much

Lord_Ash3820d ago

Also they should seek a solution to the Wii DLC problem, sure you can play it without the DLC (PS2) but its not as half as fun without new songs every week, I downloaded more than 600 MB (Almost as big as Warhwak) worth of songs and spent almost $50 on them, and even though I could've bought a new game with that money I don't regret it at all. DLC for rock band is a must.

Anyway I already own it on PS3, I just want my Wii friends to experience the same joy.

BrotherNick3820d ago

I will buy it when they have the game and drums only for sale :D, I already have guitar hero for my guitar fun.