Black Ops 2: 20 Reasons To Be Excited

WC - The coming months will be sprinkled liberally with stellar releases, with sequels and reboots for some of the grandest names in gaming franchise history set to make the traditionally busy Autumn window of release even more eye-catching as usual before the current generation of consoles shuffles off towards pipe and slippers land sometime in the first half of 2013.

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-Mezzo-2325d ago

Zombie Mode - if it was for Zombies, i would have easily skipped this game.

And 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' is shaping up to be my Go-To MP game.

PoSTedUP2324d ago

i cant wait to see what they did with the purchasing attachment system.

i didnt like the last MoH, they might never get the MP as fun as cod.

JKelloggs2324d ago

For me, neither are fun, MoH was too sluggish for a CQ MP game. CoD is just frustrating, death streaks, hit detection fails on the [email protected]/Black Ops engine.

The only thing to look forward too is zombies IMO

rufusman912325d ago

I think it's funny so many games are trying to become COD and Treyarch is trying to not be COD.

PoSTedUP2325d ago

that is the beauty of it. we have COD, and another great but different COD. and then the other FPS that wish they were COD.

WeskerChildReborned2325d ago

I'm only really interested in Zombies.

Wizziokid2324d ago

The only reason I would get another COD game is zombies, but alas I won't be getting another COD game.

007Bond2324d ago

If zombies sucks then the game sucks, zombies is the only reason im somewhat looking forward to it.

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