Battlefield 3: DLC - Armored Shield Level in Tank Superiority

GameSpot - First impressions of the Armored Kill DLC with footage of tank superiority mode on the new Armored Shield level.

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venom062323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

this DLC and mode is going to be awesome... despite these haters @ Gamespot already trying to talk it down.. remember people, these are the same folks that tried to talk down Premium when it was announced @ E3 and the same people that tried to talk down CQ DLC content, which BOTH went on to become a successful hit. Cant wait for this..

Vladplaya2323d ago

Just can't have big maps with multiple flags like in good old 1942? This one flag deal gonna get boring really quick, just single area for vehicle cluster fk action, I don't see it been exciting more than just few rounds maybe.

Twilightx72323d ago

The one-flag rule only applies to Tank Superiority mode, there's always traditional Conquest for multiple flag action.

-Mezzo-2323d ago

Cannot wait for it to come out, the release date is September, isn't it?

Somebody2323d ago

Armored Kill reminds me of a BF2 modded/custom map I used to play. I forgot what it's name was but it was a desert map with rolling sand dunes and banks. There were a lot of capture points, a lot of vehicles and a lot of TOWs flying around.