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"The Secret World is the latest MMORPG offering on the market from EA and is created by FunCom. The game is a supernatural mystery kind of game with a hint of the occult and conspiracy theorism. It blends traditional MMORPG elements with some detective work and a unique leveling system to make a conceptually interesting game." - Capsule Computers

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koga881992d ago

Hmmm, doesn't seem like my type of MMO in the first place. At least from the looks of it they tried something different instead of your standard Fantasy setting like practically every other MMO out there.

masterabbott1992d ago

damn i thought this would of been a pretty good game, but i guess i wont be picking this one up then.

Laike1992d ago

Such a huge waste of potential. This game had so much going for it and they dropped the ball. Back to World of Warcraft

masterabbott1992d ago

i agree with you .. more dots!

GREW50ME1992d ago

Back to SWTOR for people who like a real story in their games!

Chris5581992d ago

Wow is the king nuff said

GREW50ME1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

WoW is the king.. in Asia where 80% of their players- who are gold farmers- live

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