Wot I Think: Prototype 2

RPS - You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, they say. And with Activision having recently sent Prototype developer Radical Entertainment off to their unsettlingly large boneyard (in the company of Bizarre, Octane, Luxoflux, Budcat, 7 Studios, Underground Development, Shaba, Sierra Entertainment, Gray Matter and Infocom), criticising what becomes a posthumous sequel on PC does feel cruel. Then again, praising it to the highest heavens wouldn’t result in any more cash or security for the people who made it. The whole business gets me down, I must say – and that isn’t what a Hulk-inspired game about rampaging around an open-world New York should do.

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WeskerChildReborned2326d ago

I actually liked Prototype 2. I hope some publisher will pick up Radical and hopefully make another Prototype game.

titans99992326d ago

I loved the Prototype games!! Please let there be more in the future!!!!

johnbanji2324d ago

Fantastic game!)))
One of my favourite games. Already playing for 2 week!))))
By the way my friend send me a free download link for it http://prototype2new.tumblr...