This is how you fly in DMC4

How long can you stay up there ?

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Bonsai12143857d ago

haha.. thats kinda weird. do you think its intentional? also, its kind of disappointing the camera didn't follow Nero for the first few seconds he was off screen.

i'm all for air combos, but that seems broken to me.

Skerj3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

It's not broken, it's a technique called Snatch Jump Cancelling. You can jump off of an enemy in the air and it'll cancel out the previous jump thus letting you jump again. If you snatch before you land and jump off of them again, you can chain JCs. DMC4's combat is far more advanced than I've seen a lot of people giving it credit for, this is one of those things that proves that.

DMC's combat is freeform, sure they have prebuilt combos but there is a lot of flexibility and freedom given to you with those combos. Games like God of War are built on flash and most (if not all) if the advanced combat techniques you'll find in DMC, you won't find in another game. You can't stray outside of what GoW wants you to do as far as combos and magic goes. The only thing that comes close to DMC's combat is Ninja Gaiden.

Bonsai12143857d ago

ah, i haven't played the demo, so i wouldn't know that. thanks for straightening that out for me.

Chuck Norris3857d ago

I remember teaching Dante how to do this..

Skerj3857d ago

Man I gotta work on my techniques before the 8th, damn you work and Pixel Junk Monsters!!

INehalemEXI3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Lol, I was practicing my insta rev's for hours yesterday. I wish my lady would play more pixel junk monsters with me.

Skerj3857d ago

That third slash in the main combo always gets me when trying to IR, I have to get the timing down for that one. One more week man!!

INehalemEXI3857d ago

yup, same here. WOOT @1 week !

darkshiz3857d ago

It's harder then it looks to me.
I been getting the hang of it but my fingers isn't fast enough like his.

Delt43857d ago

(shocked)i didnt know you could do that...............sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.