Square Enix Hopes to Support Dragon Quest X For Ten Years

Sony likes to say that it supports its hardware for ten years. Square Enix appears to be taking a similar long term approach with Dragon Quest X.

Nikkei reports that the game will get major version up revisions every ten weeks. Square Enix plans on offering download content for the game for around ten years, according to the paper.

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Kamikaze1352323d ago

As long as they make it good, listen to the community, and offer enough content then fans will most definitely support it.

Skate-AK2323d ago

Well I do know that the online only is killing for a lot of people.

Derpy2323d ago

I agree. I've been a fan of Dragon Quest since I played the first game as a kid on the NES, but them going MMO with a title that has been traditionally a single player RPG has completely killed it for me. I'm going to give this game a pass and hope for something better with DQ XI.

PooEgg2323d ago

Agreed! I generally always buy their Dragon Quest games, but I am passing this time, because I am not into online only.

Chrono2323d ago

In that case they should make a PC version as well.

erikthegman2323d ago

NEVER gonna happen. Neeeeever. Your wii will be 15 years old with 25 year old tech

Kamikaze1352323d ago

It's coming out for the Wii U as well.

miyamoto2323d ago

The question is what will happen to Square Enix with in those ten years?

PooEgg2323d ago

Interesting question. It's funny, because this week I was sorting through my old games and decided to pop FF VIII into my console, and even though it looks like crap compared to their newer stuff it is 100x more fun to actually play. I guess in the future when I need a DQ fix I will settle for replaying one of their old ones instead.

2323d ago