Buying the Next-gen Consoles Day One

This is an age-old question. Console makers want people to buy their systems day one so they can generate revenue and be successful. As a console developer, how do you get gamers to buy the next-gen console on day one? Should they package in games, have some sort of payment plan?

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NoGunz2324d ago

Hell no. After buying my PS3, 3DS and Vita at launch, i'm not going to make that mistake again. I don't have a 360, so i don't know if that was the same.

tachy0n2324d ago

mistake? LOL WTF? dont you remember all the features that sony removed like the "other OS" and the ability to play PS2 games features when it came at launch? even though it was expensive, it was well worth it.

the same with the PSP, the PSP 1001 was actually made out of metal in the inside so it could resist falls unlike the psp 2000-3000-pspgo which are pure plastic.

the best thing you can do is buy a console at launch because the tech it comes with is extremely relevant.

NoGunz2324d ago

LOL, the Other OS feature was pointless in the PS3, it shouldn't have even been in the PS3. Most people didn't care about it or even know what it was until it was removed. As for PS2 games on PS3, the PS2 emulator was terrible, some games were unplayable. Play your PS2 games on your PS2.

Frances-the-Mute2324d ago

The only mistake I've made with buying my PS3 at launch is getting that extra year warranty from Best Buy. The console still does its job well. Plus being an early adopter makes me feel like my older relatives when they criticize our young generation. Back in '06-'07 we didn't have trophies, background downloading, in-game XMB or the dualshock 3. I just find it fascinating how great the ps3 turned out to be. I'm still holding out for the Vita.

tachy0n2324d ago

it maybe was pointless to you, but not for everyone, and actually you could play more ps2 games trough the emulator than there are avilable on PSN right now, if Sony advertises their product to do "everything" they should had kept it that way instead of removing features

dont be a fanboy.

NoGunz2324d ago

You misread my comment (or maybe i should have made it clearer), i'm not defending the removal of those features; i'm criticising their inclusion.
Also, i'm not a fanboy; Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are nothing more than companies to me. Some people around here are actually loyal to a brand name - pathetic. I'll go where i get value for money, that value just so happens to be with the PS3, for now.

KMCROC542324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Produce one 3x times better than the last in every way ,include a ton of features,reasonable price tag.

AngelicIceDiamond2324d ago

Buying a brand new next-gen consoles day one really depends on the person. (1) your a fanboy (2) You just break bank (3) A tech junky.

The third is the the biggest reason for allot of my friends. They don't care what console it is, they'll buy it because its "the brand new thing." What do you guys think?

dubt722324d ago

Xbox day 1. Sony maybe a year or 2 after launch after 1st or 2nd price cut.

vega2752324d ago

I plan on get the next Xbox and wiiu maybe not exactly on day one. But definitely within the first month of launch. This way I don't have to stand on a long line spending days waiting.

If I do buy the ps4 (and that's a big if) I'll wait until they remodel it before I buy. Just in case feature get striped from launch.

hotrider122324d ago

Never bought any console day 1 always buy my consoles 2-3 years later for reduce pricing. whatever game is out at the moment i buy @ discount.

morkendo232324d ago

Agree, will not make that mistake buying day 1 will wait also til price lower.

SquidBuck2324d ago

Ill buy a console day 1 if it has great hardware, great launch games, and a great pricetag.

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