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Submitted by PopRocks359 1285d ago | interview

2K Games: "Nintendo is such an impressive company."

During a recent interview, 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann was asked to share his thoughts about Nintendo’s upcoming console. Hartmann thinks that because Nintendo is such impressive company and has many years of experience, the Wii U will do very well. Hartmann claims that consumers will eventually understand what the Wii U is about and “see the beauty of the console.” (2K Games, Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1286d ago
I agree, they made zelda, one of my all time favorite series.
remanutd55  +   1286d ago
Zelda has to be in my top 3 franchises of all time, no doubt about it, i love Zelda.
ChunkyLover53  +   1285d ago
Nintendo saved gaming at one point and time. Then when gaming was becoming boring and stale, they came out and reinvented themselves with the Wii, now they are totally reinventing themselves and taking a huge risk with a tablet like controller with the Wii U.

Only time will tell if it will pay off, but I bet Sony and Microsoft have tablet like plans in place just in case its successful.
aceitman  +   1285d ago
sony can do the same with the vita already.
PopRocks359  +   1285d ago
So Sony reinvented themselves by making the Playstation 3 a portable device?

I'm not really sure how that's supposed to be new and innovative, but okay.
JBSleek  +   1285d ago
What do you mean the Vita can?

1. It doesn't support all games or even close so that would be irrational to say the Vita PS3 combo is a viable competitor.

2. Vita/PS3 combo is expensive and games must be purchased twice
Army_of_Darkness  +   1285d ago
@ chunkylover
"Nintendo saved gaming at one point and time. Then when gaming was becoming boring and stale, they came out and reinvented themselves with the Wii"

I agree that NINtendo saved gaming when they released the NES and SNES...

But what?! gaming became stale so you think it took the wii to save it?!?! LMAO!
Don't know about that since I had an endless backlist of PS2 games to play and enjoy... But if you only had the gamecube I could clearly understand ;-)
Machioto  +   1285d ago
@pop He didn't say the were suppose to be innovative but have the same capabilities as the wiiu.

@jb Nintendo said not all games would require the wii pad,their is not set price yet for the wiiu and you will not have to purchase games again on certain titles.
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rpd123  +   1285d ago
Sony and Microsoft both have tablet capabilities for this generation. Microsoft has Smart Glass and Sony has the PS Vita. They had the capability before Nintendo and are obviously trying it out for themselves.
Godchild1020  +   1285d ago
Doesn't Microsoft already have Smartglass in place for that? It was presented at E3 this year and it will work on most if not all smartphones and tablets(IPads).

Also the Vita will be use as a tool for Dust 514 when that launches later this year.
dark-hollow  +   1285d ago
lol people are you serious? sony and ms have the same thing as the wii u tablet?

will lets see:

ms: a tablet, smartphone or whatever that requires you to DROP the controller to play on the tablet/smartphone. so its nowhere near the wii u tablet.

sony: a $250 attached to the ps3. IN THEORY it can do the same thing, but the difference is the wii u tablet is PART OF THE CONSOLE ITSELF! the wii u overall is built around the tablet and almost %100 of future wii u games will be played on the wii u tablet. now can you tell me how many games gonna support the vita+ps3 combo? if any at all? it just like the move versus wiimote, who got more support in the end?

Nintendo: a tablets that comes with EVERY WII U console which means every wii u owner will have access to the wii u tablet, which means more if not all developers who will make games on the wii u will making them with the wii u tablet in mind.
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Venox2008  +   1285d ago
yup :) thats right..
rpd123  +   1285d ago
1. Never said it was the same thing.

2. Never said Microsoft or Sony had more cost effective or convenient setups. I just said they had them.

3. I said that Microsoft and Sony already had things like the Wii U tablet in place.

In conclusion nothing I said was factually wrong and every counterpoint you made to my statement is irrelevant, seeing as how I never addressed them the first place. I think you need the chill the hell out and stop defending Nintendo blindly, especially when nobody attacked them.
Puddlejumper75  +   1285d ago
1.You implied by making the comparison in the first place. Dont cry now that your flaws got pointed out.

2. For them to compete they must be similar in some ways as you implied. Again getting proved wrong got you back tracking

3. Your post is still there and it clearly says that both have tablet like controllers. Sad you thought you could just forget what is there in black and white.

4. Next time you want to talk about something know what you are talking about so you dont look like a fool.

5.When proven wrong just admit and you wont look like even more of fool than you did to begin with

IN conclusion know wtf you are talking about and you wont need to back track. It doesnt matter if you covered what he said or not. His points debunk yours. Crying about it or trying to change things wont change that
Puddlejumper75  +   1285d ago
RPD123, THe funny thing is,He never said he was talking to you in the first place. He was just talking to the haters in general.

It was you who decided to get offended and attack.

This Site is not here solely for your opinion and yours alone.

Please do not PM me crying about it. I said all I want to say here. The opinions of people like you do not matter to me and there really is nothing you can say to justify your level of hate or ignorance
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Rainstorm81  +   1285d ago
Gaming became stale and boring after/during the PS2 generation? That's news to me......Reading your comment I initially thought you were talking about the NES
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1285d ago
I didn't know gaming last gen had become boring and stale.

I enjoyed last gen and find it better than this gen. I didn't I know I was in the minority in not thinking last was boring and stale... You learn something new everyday I guess...
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ChunkyLover53  +   1285d ago
Companies obviously weren't doing enough to draw in a wider variety of gamer's. The day of the strictly "hardcore" driven device is over and done with. Next generation will feature both hardcore and casual features to entice both sets of gamer's right out of the box.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1285d ago
***"Companies obviously weren't doing enough to draw in a wider variety of gamer's."***

What are you talking about. PS2 is the highest selling console to date. How much wider of an audience do you need?

***"Next generation will feature both hardcore and casual features to entice both sets of gamer's right out of the box."***

That goes without saying, especially after the success of the Wii.
ChunkyLover53  +   1285d ago
We wont see the likes of the PS1/PS2 anymore. Nintendo took a risk to change and innovate with the Wii and it paid off. The PS2 is successful, but its quite clear that Sony didn't have the same success with the PS3. That leads me to believe that Nintendo stated one step ahead of the game.

The "core" gamer that people speak so highly of, is outnumbered in a big way by casual gamer's and gamer's who just play for fun.

The industry is built on change, you cant stand still, or everyone will pass you by. Nintendo has always been proactive and they continue to forge a path that others tend to follow, but only after its been proven a success.
Puddlejumper75  +   1285d ago
Actually the DS is the best selling system to date.
The PS2 really was a joke when you look at sales numbers. Not a single game sold over 20 million copies at 150 million consoles sold yet the Wii has a couple even with an install base of 80 million. I wont even bring DS software sales into this because it makes the PS2 look even worse.

Sony sold a faulty product last gen and most people owned at least 2.I'm sorry but when you have to get them through bad business practice it really doesnt matter how much you sold.

I love how people forget the PS2 was a casual console. That the Rugrats series outsold the God of War series by large numbers. Suddenly Barbie and power rangers are hardcore games for being on PS2? Come on kids that is just silly
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1285d ago
***"We wont see the likes of the PS1/PS2 anymore. Nintendo took a risk to change and innovate with the Wii and it paid off."***

You completely missed my point on purpose. You said that companies failed to bring in a wider audience last gen while in fact the PS2 the highest selling console...

***"The "core" gamer that people speak so highly of, is outnumbered in a big way by casual gamer's and gamer's who just play for fun."***

This hardcore/causal stuff you keep preaching about. Hardcore gamers still represent a large portion of gaming even though casuals outnumber them. Core gamers are the reason why developers can take risks with their projects. I'm not trying undermine the importance of casual gamers, but you come off as core gamers not meaning a thing anymore in the gaming industry.
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Alos88  +   1285d ago
Nintendo have some of the best PR men in the business too, they advertised cleverly enough to make a massive profit -even during the recession!
Alos88  +   1285d ago
Good God, what is wrong with everyone all of a sudden? Did they think I was being sarcastic? If so I can only apologize, I was not.
Edit: Screw it, there is clearly a wave of fanboys doing the rounds right now, down voting anything that praises anything other than their precious console of choice. I'll come back in a few weeks once the roaches have been stepped on.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1285d ago
Yeah Sony is my platform of choice but I still like and respect Nintendo. People will disagree even if something is a fact. Somebody could say that Sony as a whole has been in some financial trouble, which is true, and there will be disagrees. Nintendo's PR team is much better than Sony's. I very rarely see all of Sony's exclusives advertised on TV or the internet. Nintendo managed to sell the Wii to my grandparents who have never played games in their lives before the wii. They sold the Wii to everyone from little kids to the regular gamer to the older generation. Something Sony would have a very hard time doing with their PR team.
ape007  +   1285d ago
Nintendo keep innovating
bothebo  +   1285d ago
With old hardware and devices that are already on the market?
yabhero  +   1285d ago
Are you talking about Wii? Because that gen is over buddy... Nintendo is going to the most powerful system for a year/year and a half. About 3x the power of PS3. Then the other systems will come out and be more powerful probably 3 more than WiiU. But it will be an Xbox situation. WiiU launches first so devs will keep porting games to WiiU. It's going to be a PS2/GameCube/Xbox situation. WiiU being the weakest and still getting ports.of course then next halo or naughty dog is going to look way better than WiiU... But WiiU will be OK.
rpd123  +   1285d ago
@ yabehero

There's no way you could know if the Wii U will be the most powerful system on the market. We don't know the specs yet.
Nes_Daze  +   1285d ago
They were smart about taking a bite at the casual audience. Now they know that audience isn't loyal, they are (no offense to some) sheeple for the most part, so they are making the WiiU to appeal to core gamers once again. They are very smart in keeping themselves one step ahead of the competition, even if they just now recovered the lead they lost to Sony for two generations.
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Dark11   1285d ago | Trolling | show
vega275  +   1285d ago
All I ask is Nintendo please give me a wiiu version of kid icarus.
bigshawnjtmario   1285d ago | Spam
jboy  +   1285d ago
@ the fanboys above, who wants a last gen ps3 with a crappy ps3 portable handheld for a controller, no thanks i will have a wiiU with next gen visuals and total integration of the tablet control thx

"Eat It Fanboys"
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bow2yoda  +   1285d ago
Who wants to buy a ps3 ($299) a ps vita ($250) and the same game twice (~$120). that comes to $669. First of all to answer these ps fanboy twits, using the vita as a controller was announced after the announcement of the wii u and gamepad after the 2011 e3 look it up. MS fanboys, smartglass will never work the way it should because of a few factors... the latency via wireless connection, not all games support it, and the fact that those that do not own a tablet will yet again have to dish out $250-800 for one. not economical in todays economy. also smartglass is a last min attempt to compete with the wii u gamepad. look into the patents. they tell the tale. ps move? kinect? all attempts to tap into the sucess that was the wii. also fact. the proof is in the numbers. thank you and gfy :)
slane3  +   1285d ago
u can't match the power of my wii wii
stuntman_mike  +   1285d ago
really hope they bring Bioshock infinite to the Wii U.
seanpitt23  +   1285d ago
i have to be carefull what i say here because i will get done for trolling Yeah nintendo is the most impressive company in the whole world really and i believe that
metroid32  +   1285d ago
WiiU has less lag than a TV enough said,that will allow for super fast on the fly game changing modes u cant technically get anywhere else FINAL.

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