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Submitted by Treezy504 1290d ago | article

Crash Bandicoot PlayStation All-Stars Rumor Debunked

DualShock Nexus: I as well as many others were pretty excited to see the recently leaked image that shows Crash Bandicoot in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A recent image compiled of a few Crash Bandicoot poses reveal that this is more than likely a photoshop attempt. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1290d ago
Nooooo! ! ! ! ! :(
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zeal0us  +   1290d ago
Guess it will be a while before we see Crash back in action :(
LOL_WUT  +   1290d ago
SilentNegotiator  +   1290d ago
Under the wings of Activision. Yech.

They probably won't bother unless they can bastardize it into a toy line like they did Spyro.
Treezy504  +   1290d ago
Still doesn't mean that Crash will not make an appearance in the game, I still think there is hope.
KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1290d ago
Probably Superbot will have to fight activision down just to get crash in the game as DLC.
DarkBlood  +   1290d ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *charges at random somebody with a lightsabre luke skywalker style* :P

thought i add a little drama to that lol

anyways its a shame crash would of been my go to character like shiek for smash bro

well looks like Nariko will be my go to character as planned
Treezy504  +   1290d ago
@KingOptimus I don't think they would have to fight very hard

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KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1290d ago
Well lets hope he makes his triumphant return just like when they revealed Jak & Daxter for this game.
Omar91  +   1290d ago
thats actually very reassuring lol. I hope they can work things out.
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dark-hollow  +   1290d ago
spyro is expected due to the massive success of skylanders, but crash didnt have a decent game for ages!

i dont think its hard for superbot to talk (pay) activision for crash since they basically abandoned him.

which is such a shame, the only classic character from ps1 era till now is parappa and sweet tooth. hopefully more would be revealed soon.
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Omar91  +   1290d ago
thats what I'm saying. Crash is not being used whatsoever. he isn't in any new games he isn't very popular after activision took him so what else do they need him for. If superbot talks to them and explain to them that this character has been the main playstation mascot and its what shaped sony to begin with I'm sure activision can give them a hand. and if crash does get to be in the game then we know spyro is in : D
hkgamer  +   1288d ago

LOL!!!! you make it sound like Activision doesn't know crash's history. Activision probably wants a lot of money to license out crash and spyro. Probably will license them out as a duo since Spyro is pretty hot right now and crash is basically dead.

However, i believe that the picture is real, I understand that the writer is saying that he easily found poses similar to other poses. But can't you say that for every game or character?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1290d ago
I'm not surprised that it is fake. There is still hope though.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1290d ago
This might sound a bit off topic... but my biggest problem with the roster is the third party characters that were leaked and confirmed

It feels like the third parties involved in allstars are not taking it seriously, and rather are just using it as a cheap marketing stunt for their own upcoming games and they get money from it

Capcom gives them Dante from DMC.. not the Dante that established himself on the PS2... how about Jill Valentine? As the PS1 also had the original resident evil?

Nope... lets promote our new game instead

Kojima and Sony have a great history together... so why no Snake? I mean, I have no problems with Raiden... but MGR Raiden? Really? How about MGS4 raiden (Im sure its a costume) as the base model, and MGR as the costume... MGS4 is one of the best games on the PS3. Use a base model that Playstation gamers are familar with, not one from a game thats not even out yet

I mean MGS4 was going to be released after Smash Bros Brawl.. but they never used the old snake model.. they used the twin snakes model.. .a game that was exclusive to gamecube, and made sense and made you feel like Konami took snakes inclusion in brawl seriously

Square and Activision are just dicking them around... not giving characters that are synonomus with Playstation

Sora, Cloud, Spyro, Crash... these are names that pop into peoples heads first when they hear playstation... yet these studios refuse to give them these characters that the fans demand

Superbot has done a great job with first party, and its really sad to see people complain about the third party characters and claim superbot is to blame... the third partys are acting like total assholes, and are not treating this game with any respect

I know its really early to judge as I haven't seen any gameplay for these new characters... but I feel like the third partys are screwing with us

Im also slighly upset they haven't announced Ezio, or another Assassin... I was sure he was a shoe in since Sony and Ubisoft are buddies, every assassins creed game has content exclusive to the PS3, and well this

Notice something similar?
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Auld  +   1290d ago
Wow that is eerie that the song for the trailer is the same as the theme song (or what seems to be used as the theme song) for pasbr. Very nice find :D
You sir, with your nimble skills, get a bubble vote!
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1290d ago
***"Sora, Cloud, Spyro, Crash"***

If these four were in it, it would complete the roster IMO.

Also if they are going to have an Assassin in it, it should be the one from the Vita seeing how that Assassin is exclusive to PlayStation for now and it will promote the game and we need more female characters in this game.

But I agree it is really sad that the 3rd party is taking PSA very seriously. I think it's because they don't think it will be a success. That is why we need to support this first game so that 3rd party publishers see that this game is indeed a popular and will be more willing to give out their characters for the next game.
hkgamer  +   1288d ago
@outside of the box:

NOOO... Sequels in multiplayer games should be kept to a minimum especially in fighting games. So no to releasing those characters in sequels and Sony need to try harder to get more characters in this game.
DrewPays   1290d ago | Bad language | show
Omar91  +   1290d ago
sad but expected... I just hope that super bot decides to surprise us with the last character announcement as crash. that would be sweet!
r21  +   1290d ago
hello, yes i'd like to place a call to disappointment :C
MattyG  +   1290d ago
Bobby Kotick- "Sorry guys you can't use Crash for PASBR, but I'm sure the players will love Coco!"
RmanX1000  +   1290d ago
While i never really played much Crash Bandicoot as a kid, i was really hoping this was true. I enjoyed what i played and he deserves to be in this.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1290d ago
-_________- I hope this article gets debunked as fake
MattyG  +   1290d ago
If I told you it was fake would you feel better? Even if... I LIED?! OT I hope this article is false too. Crash needs to come back!!
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1289d ago
Wow look at our disagrees.... WTH!! Is it wrong that we both adore and want Crash in this game because he is an iconic Playstation character who makes up a good chunk of Playstation history AND is more than deserving of a spot among Playstation all-stars? I guess so....
AgreeFairy  +   1290d ago
It's obviously fake. That Crash Bandicoot has gloves & no tattoo. If he was really in the game then they would ruin him by getting rid of his gloves and giving him a tattoo (kind of like how they're using the crappy version of Cole from Infamous 2 instead of the REAL Cole from the first Infamous).
smashcrashbash  +   1290d ago
Right, because the Cole from Infamous 2 was the fake Cole as opposed to the one from Infamous which was the REAL Cole.It's really annoying to listen to people gripe on with version of this and that they are using Cole is Cole no matter what version they use. Cole wasn't any more or less awesome in Infamous one or two.'Why don't you use Cole number one because Cole number two is this and that, oh don't use Evil Cole because that would be a waste' Just stop all the whining.How Cole looks isn't going to affect how he fights.
Fez  +   1290d ago
The first Cole has a much better character model than the first. It's obvious why the redesigned Cole was chosen but it doesn't change the fact that I would much prefer the original Cole.

The change in Cole, specifically his face and the shape of that head, from 1 to 2 is the main reason I haven't picked up Infamous 2 yet.
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Reverent  +   1289d ago
"I'm a whiney childand REFUSE to play a game because I don't like the character model of it's main character."

That's all I got from your comment. You can't miss out on a great game just because you can't accept a simple design change. Besides, I didn't like Coles new look or voice at first, but after I actually played the game, I found myself preferring the new Cole.
Fez  +   1289d ago
I'm not whining about it, they can change the character in any way they want. I think it's quite funny how they lost a sale since the change is pretty small though.

I also don't think it's too far-fetched for someone to actively boycott a game due to a character change. I bet a lot of DMC fans do that with the new game. But I haven't really boycotted Infamous 2 I just haven't got round to buying it yet, and I think it's cos of Cole's new head shape lol.

Can I just ask people which Cole they prefer?
This one:
This one:
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Relientk77  +   1290d ago
Pretty sure this is fake. However I do hope Crash is still in the game
Fez  +   1290d ago
I don't see how Activision putting Crash in the game could be anything but beneficial for them. They can charge SuperBot for a character which they aren't using and it could spark a revival which could lead to a high demand for a Crash reboot. What does Activision have to lose?
TheLastGuardian  +   1290d ago
I still have hope and expect Crash to be in the game. I have a feeling Crash and Spyro will be the final two characters revealed. I will be severely disappointed if neither make it on the roster.
CADmanjules  +   1290d ago
As soon as crash or spyro are confirmed for this game, I will pre-order it.
Starfox811  +   1290d ago
while I am unsure if Crash will still be in it, the reasons they make for why it's likely a fake are pretty damn lame...

I mean, it's not photoshopped and the model for Crash looks a little bit - if not an awful lot - like some plasticine mangled thing, however if it is a fake someone has gone to the effort of creating an avatar and making a model and then embedding it into the gameplay code of the private beta just to take a photo of it. Seems a bit excessive.

It would bear resemblance to previous images of Crash as, well it's Crash... and SuperBot have to use previous images to make aesthetic decisions so it's not surprising that similarities arise.
hkgamer  +   1288d ago
Was thinking the exact same thing
Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1289d ago
N4G users will literally, believe anything.

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