The Best That's Yet To Come: The Rest of the MMOs for 2012

And forward we plunge into the final quarter of the year, wondering if SWTOR will come back from the brink, if WoW's Asian exploitation expansion will keep them on top and most of all... what the hell was Blizzard smoking when they brought Diablo III to market in the shape it was in. That's the past though, and I like to ignore those painful moments of the past and plunge headlong into the future, waiting to see the same mistakes repeated and hoping to see some glimmering ray of ... Oh shit, sorry... forgot who I was writing for.

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zeal0us2324d ago

Raiderz is basically F2P version of Tera with weaker graphics. Sadly its still missing an archer-like class. Hopefully it will be added by the time open beta comes.

The War Z seems like it will be fun.

KreepyKritter2324d ago

I'm actually kind of happy there's not an archer based skillset. Archery has never been done well by any game I've yet seen. It's always either super overpowered or it's been nerfed into oblivion. Not using one removes the chance of failing at it.

SquidBuck2324d ago

What about planetside 2, that game looks so epic!

KreepyKritter2324d ago

I've never really been a big sci-fi guy. EVE is a great game, but... enh. Not really my thing.

hilmart2324d ago

No Guild Wars 2? It's getting released this month and is one of the most hyped games right now.

KreepyKritter2324d ago

The article doesn't mention anywhere that other games are crap. Just that those listed are of particular interest to me.

Play your Guild Wars... I just don't plan on joining you.