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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 116: Wednesday Traffic Chopper Gets a Firmware Update

As we all know, Gamergirl is a terrible, terrible person from London. So you should not be terribly surprised to find out that she skipped out on recording this week’s Traffic Chopper to continue to do terrible things in London. Probably Olympics related, we’re fairly confident, and not in fact having anything to do with forgetting her laptop power cord.
IN HER PLACE, Shanghai Six and Batman5273 soldier on, making the best of a bad situation by inviting newly acquired Playstation-University-member- turned-FTG-Firmware-Update-podc aster, Mr. Joe Garcia, onto the podcast to announce their joining Front Towards Gamer and their new role as Front Towards Gamer’s premier Playstation podcast. (Culture, Dyad, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Orcs Must Die! 2, Rainbow Moon)

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