Booth babes banned by Chinese gaming expo

Chinese gaming fans got a little less than they bargained for last week when one of the country’s biggest digital entertainment expos, ChinaJoy 2012, kicked off without the obligatory bikini-clad “booth babes” that have become virtually ubiquitous at consumer tech shows.

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cleft52300d ago

We banned booth babes in America too. We have to put an end to all the "white knight" idiots.

Christopher2300d ago

Really? Because the majority of photos I saw coming out of ChinaJoy 2012 pretty much had a booth babe in them, if not multiple booth babes. The first pic I saw was a line up of women with trimmed shirt tops (cover the same area a bikini top would) all standing a row.

So, color me confused by this type of statement.

Magnus2300d ago

Funny they use sexy women to help generate interest in a car whenever there is a car show going on I China.

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